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  1. Fr_Tom


    I made a purchase from the WTHall cellar. It arrived quickly and as described. Thanks!
  2. Fr_Tom


    I got a 5 oz sampler from Brunello, and it has arrived safely. This was basically a gift at the $10 price given packaging and shipping. It will give me a chance to try a few things. Much appreciated...
  3. Fr_Tom


    The nature of my work is such that it is not uncommon to find yourself the migrant farm worker in the fields of the Lord. My wife and I are both clergy, and so these things are complex, but we will be heading to Virginia in a month or so. We made an offer on a house, and it was accepted. I...
  4. Fr_Tom

    Friendly Fire

    Just as a random act of bombing, I received in the mail today a GBD Prehistoric pot from our very own Ozark Wiz. This pipe of course is the sort of thing I might be tempted to covet. I am giving it a first smoke now in the office while I wait for an appointment.
  5. Fr_Tom

    JimInks posts his 2000th review!

    Our very own JimInks has posted his 2000th review on TR. Shout out from the pulpit @JimInks!
  6. Fr_Tom

    in Ft. Wayne

    I am in Ft. Wayne for the consecration of the new bishop. I would have tried to coordinate with some of the folks in town, but it is one of those overscheduled things and there is not much opportunity.
  7. Fr_Tom

    Jim is a legend

    You folks may have noticed JimInks writes good reviews at TR and elsewhere. He was recently named a "Legend" on the site for having 50 reviews with 20 upvotes or more. As the target of the bombing run for May, he may have some new reviews soon. Congrats Jim!
  8. Fr_Tom

    For anyone born in 1960

    Here is an unsmoked 7-day set of Dunhills. I am not bidding and have no connection to the sale.
  9. Fr_Tom

    a picture of my father

    I stumbled on this picture of my father from some point when he was in the Navy. It looks like a cob he is smoking.
  10. Fr_Tom

    Austin, TX

    I am at the Seminary of the Southwest this week and have tomorrow afternoon free. Is there anything that is a "must see" in town? I am thinking like pipe shops and the Museum of the Internal Combustion Engine places and not the outlet mall for shoes...
  11. Fr_Tom


    Tonight was a big night for me here. I have been working as a Priest-in-Charge at my parish since 2013. I have now been called as Rector and got a new letter of agreement in March. Tonight was the installation. My wife (pictured on the right) preached the sermon.
  12. Fr_Tom

    Penzance is in stock Limit one 8 oz bag. I got mine...
  13. Fr_Tom

    Great news

    It has been a great couple of weeks for me. I have been called as Rector at the church where I have been serving with a two-year letter of agreement. The vestry approved it last night. This is all very exciting. I am in a DMin program at Virginia Theological Seminary and FINALLY have a project...
  14. Fr_Tom

    Moses and Vacation Bible School

    This week is Vacation Bible School at my church. We have about 70 - 75 children and more or less 40 adults and teens making all this work. So, I am dressed up as Moses, and I have a staff, etc. They come for a lesson every day to my "tent." Yesterday I finished with the lesson and asked if...
  15. Fr_Tom

    Having some weather here

    A little after midnight, we woke up to the air raid sirens. We had a tornado watch, and the four of us went to the basement and checked to see what was going on. After about a half hour, the sirens turned off, and we went back to sleep. One of the neighbors had a tree fall on his...
  16. Fr_Tom

    Head East

    I have a clergy retreat/conference in Virginia for a week, so I am packing pipes and tobacco. I have to remember to pick up a lighter in the airport when I land.
  17. Fr_Tom


    Local BoB member Michael Drue came by my office with a ticking device. I opened it to discover the following. I hardly know what to say, so I will start with "thanks." He is a generous man... The ones in back that are hard to read are Blue Mountain and 2003 Black Mallory. I have some good...
  18. Fr_Tom

    a long day

    Typing this one handed since I slipped and fell down 5 or 6 stairs today. I made all my appointments today, but at about 3:00 i got off and went to the ER. Some bone in my wrist is broken. Posting frequency may be low for a while. This pecking out text with my left hand leaves a lot to be...
  19. Fr_Tom

    Thomas Tkach

    Thomas is a great guy to do business with. We negotiated a trade, and all came as described.
  20. Fr_Tom


    I have received a suspicious package from DrT999. I opened it carefully and discovered a bomb consisting of more goodies than I can list right now. I will take a picture and list inventory later. Kaboom! Thanks DrT!