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  1. Psmith

    Greetings from British Columbia. With a small collection of 8 pipes my favourite tobaccos are Erinmore Flake, St. Bruno Flake & Capstan Navy Flake.

    Greetings! Fellow BCer here too. I’m on Vancouver Island. I used to work in Surrey many years ago. Very diverse and international city. Really enjoyed it. Happy piping and enjoy those flakes.
  2. Psmith

    Horrible Pipe [suggestions]

    Rattray’s Vauen These are 2 pipe brands that have many 9mm pipes in their selection. And seem in the price range you’re after. Good luck and hope you find a nice pipe!
  3. Psmith

    Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

    Correction to my post above. We Canucks celebrate Thanksgiving a month before the USA. Ours was Oct. 10 this year.
  4. Psmith

    Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

    Thanks for the well wishes. I am better now and back to work (school principal). BH, I already ate my turkey. I’m Canadian and we celebrate Thanksgiving a week before you guys. (Remember me whining about Canadian tobacco prices?). On that note, I’m stopping in at my tobacconist today on my...
  5. Psmith

    Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

    Been watching this series on Youtube while home with the head cold from hell. Was produced in the 80’s for British TV by Granada. Excellent series in that the episodes are very true to the stories. Stars Jeremy Brett as Sherlock. Here’s a link to the episodes on YouTube: Adventure’s of...
  6. Psmith

    For those of you who are retired or making the move to retirement.

    Turning 49 this year. Looks like I still have around 11 years to go. No plans to volunteer or anything when I retire. Just do home projects, read, smoke a pipe and drink lots of tea.
  7. Psmith

    It's Fibonacci Day!

    My son (11 years old) was just talking about Fibonacci Math yesterday. Didn’t know what he was talking about. Now I do! What a coincidence.
  8. Psmith

    Disappointing tobacco

    Peterson’s Hyde Park. From what I understand it used to be made by G&H and resembled their Rum Flake. Now, it’s no longer produced by them. The tin I got not long ago was more like cigarette rolling tobacco to me. Didn’t seem to have any topping or flavour. Smoked quite harsh. Disappointed...
  9. Psmith

    Lament of the Canadian pipe smoker

    Hey Swede, many a pipeful I’ve daydreamed about growing my own. Big leafy plants growing high. Then curing it and aging it. Then steaming and pressing it to make Virginia flakes that beat out Capstan and McClellands. Ahhh pipe dreams. Not even sure if it’s possible to grow tobacco in the...
  10. Psmith

    Lament of the Canadian pipe smoker

    Hey Blackhorse, the thought has crossed my mind. But, I worry the sender may get in trouble for mailing tobacco across borders. I also think it will get nabbed. I think what I gotta do is accept my situation. I guess I will begin to just buy at my local and accept the cost. I enjoy pipesmoking...
  11. Psmith

    Lament of the Canadian pipe smoker

    I’m a Canadian pipe smoker so as many are aware that means steep taxes. Prohibitively steep. Like we’re talking a pouch of Amphora goes for $65CAN which is about $50US. Insane. It also means limited selection. At my local B&M, which is a nice classic tobacconist selling mainly cigars, they...
  12. Psmith

    Off to the PNW

    Thanks fellas. Quite a few things need to fall into place over the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed. Will post pics. My sisters told me I should contact CBC about making a documentary ha ha. " International school gets thwarted by government relocates to hippy town in BC and students...
  13. Psmith

    Off to the PNW

    A bizarre sequence of events is sending me to Vancouver Island tomorrow. I am to become the principal of a new school there. Well...its actually an extension of the school I am currently the principal of here in Korea. The new president here (the old one is in jail for corruption) does not...
  14. Psmith

    How was your weather today?

    96% humidity today though I would say more like 110%. Getting slammed by a typhoon here named Noru. Lighting and thunder...drenching downpours. Feeling rather sticky at the moment.
  15. Psmith

    The generousity of this board never ceases to amaze!

    Awesome! Didn't John Lennon have a song called Instant Karma. "Instant Karmas gonna get you Its gonna knock you off your feet..." Well there you go!
  16. Psmith

    The end of the cob group

    1 vote for the Dunhill group.
  17. Psmith

    Burley questions

    Thanks fellas. Honestly...I would buy Granger just for the can itself. Love the dog on it
  18. Psmith

    Great quotes you like

    I dont know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. Tolkien
  19. Psmith

    Burley questions

    Thanks Richard. Prince Albert huh? As a Canadian I never grew up around these smells so all those OTCs are unknown to me. I remember yellow Sail and Amphora being around and not much else up in the Great White North. I shall purchase a pouch of PA the next time I order stuff. Storm Front too...
  20. Psmith

    Burley questions

    Yes. Wodehouse is my favourite writer. Psmith is one of my favorite of his characters! Psmith in the City. Great book about the drudgery of work and the lure of sport and open air. Who can't relate?