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    Disappointing tobacco

    I bought some Gawith & Hoggarth Perique Flake (Reunion Series) a little while ago and liked it when I lit up; but it does smoke very very wet for some reason. Having now dumped quite a few half-smoked bowls of soaking wet tobacco, I shan't be buying it again. I wonder if anyone else has had a...
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    I just bought a Falcon pipe. I set my face against them for years (pipes should be made of briar and vulcanite, dammit, not aluminum!), but I was persuaded at last. It's butt ugly, and I could do with a bigger bowl; but it's certainly convenient, and easy to clean. I'm trying it out with some...
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    Hello from the UK

    Thanks for the welcome, Timbo. You're not the first to suggest that, but the British customs are ferociously vigilant and the penalties for smuggling very severe. The British government wants to stamp out smoking by 2030; they'll do it by taxing and regulating tobacco out of existence, and...
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    Hello from the UK

    Why, howdy, pard. Durham is my home town. Glad to be here. Thank you all for having me. Best wishes, Bob
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    Hello from the UK

    I haven't got the hang of this yet! I think I just posted the same message twice. Or maybe I didn't ...
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    Hello from the UK

    Hello everybody. My name is Bob; I'm an old timer (73 years old) from the UK. I've been smoking a pipe for fifty years, never taken any harm from it AFAIK), and mean to go on doing it until the UK government bans it or makes it unaffordable, or until I join the heavenly choir. I'm a compulsive...