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  1. bronxbill


    I've been to all three stores. Ranked in order of my preference; Burlington, Smithfield, Statesville. The Smithfield does usually have a better selection of pipes
  2. bronxbill

    What are you smoking?

    Trying C&D Junkyard Dog in a Ser Jac. So far I like it.
  3. bronxbill

    Sad news on Grant Gimper

    This has got to stop, I'm getting afraid to log on and see who else has passed. I met Grant at last year's TAPs show, nice guy.
  4. bronxbill

    Sad news for members of the old Knox board

    Sad. As a short time member of the Knox board, I remember reading the details of the "Smoke in" and seeing the pictures.
  5. bronxbill

    Growing your own tobacco

    Growing the tobacco is not an issue, it's the curing that will be a pain
  6. bronxbill

    A Brethren's predicament

    4 Noggins seems to be the choice for those that need shipping out of the US.
  7. bronxbill

    Smoking In Parks

    Since you are in NC, you should know that Raleigh has made it illegal to smoke in city owned parks. The two exceptions are downtown where most of our "esteemed" legislators hang out
  8. bronxbill

    oh crap... Its J's birthday..

    Have a great birthday!!
  9. bronxbill

    Bronx Pipe Smoking Society

    As a kid growing up in the Bronx ( I moved in 1979) I can remember several of the Irish and Italian social clubs having those kinds of dinners. Most of their member were hunters and the bill of fare was very varied as far as wild life went. I don't think beaver was on the menu in those day...
  10. bronxbill

    Ken Collins AKA Pipetongue AKA Dad

    Sad, sad, sad
  11. bronxbill

    Don't throw away those Bic lighters...

    Damn LL, here I thought I was going to save $ on my next motorcycle! It is pretty "crafty" though.
  12. bronxbill


    Pretty cool. It's always interesting to see how much of what I take as truth is wrong :shock:
  13. bronxbill

    Loose stem-

    You can just use clear nail polish on the tenon, that will tighten it up
  14. bronxbill

    Happy New Year!

    Have a Happy New Year all!
  15. bronxbill

    Happy Birthday Ol Dawg

    Have a great birthday!
  16. bronxbill

    Merry Christmas !

    Merry Christmas to all the Brothers!!
  17. bronxbill


    You can probably fix that with some spit and tobacco ash :D
  18. bronxbill

    What do you drive?

    Car: 2008 Ford F150 4x4 Motorcycle: 2011 HD Tri Glide
  19. bronxbill

    Question About Relighting

    I'll scoop and dump if I have trouble relighting. Otherwise, I just lightly tamp and relight
  20. bronxbill

    What are you smoking?

    Walnut in a Wessex poker