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  1. Fr_Tom

    Charred pipe rims...need advice

    This is a picture from 2018 of a pipe I smoke at least once a day. An issue (with me and rimcake anyway) is that I smack ashes out of my pipe on he heel of my shoe and every now and then hunks come off in this process. It builds back up though...
  2. Fr_Tom

    Pot shaped pipes and maker

    I will observe that a pot shape with a 3/4 in inside diameter on the bowl is just a short billiard. I would look for a pipe with a 7/8 in id to get the experience.
  3. Fr_Tom

    the man had hands like sandpaper

    Too heavy a hand on the buffer can do this too.
  4. Fr_Tom

    Broken Pipe Brewdude Rande Reed

    I am saddened by this news.
  5. Fr_Tom

    Do any of you still listen to a radio? (Let me know if you don't know what a radio is. :) )

    I listen to it on the commute and sometimes stream it in the home office.
  6. Fr_Tom

    Pray with me brothers!

    I will say a rosary with intentions for your bank account.
  7. Fr_Tom

    Recommendations for Strong Codger Blends?

    Seconding @Ranger107 's suggestion... I would try Old Joe Krantz (the original). I am smoking Big & Burley as I type this - another recommendation.
  8. Fr_Tom

    Burleys, Granger, Velvet and Artful Codger YT Video

    I am a fan of Granger. It was my paternal grandfather's goto.
  9. Fr_Tom

    Official 2022 Bombing Squadron Sign Up Has Begun!

    Puts my flight suit back in the closet for the time being...
  10. Fr_Tom

    Official 2022 Bombing Squadron Sign Up Has Begun!

    I am game. I always enjoyed them and never missed one once I started as a bomber in September of 2013 (pretty sure that was when it all started for me)...
  11. Fr_Tom


    I am happy to read this news!
  12. Fr_Tom

    Favorite HOT Sauce?

    I go through a lot of hot sauce. It is almost all Texas Pete or Franks.
  13. Fr_Tom

    dishwashing your pipes

    I have never washed them in the sink/whatever. An estate gets a serious internal scrubbing with a bristle pipe cleaners and PGA, and stem gets a good external wipedown with the same stuff. I am not very OCD about cleaning between smokes and for sure have never resorted to water.
  14. Fr_Tom

    Pod Coffee.

    I have a Keurig thing at the office and have tried a few different types. Green Mountain Dark Magic is good. Bustelo is good. Starbucks Sumatra is great, and I am on my third box of it. My taste "might" be a little suspect though, because I only drink perk coffee at home. I have had Presto pots...
  15. Fr_Tom

    why new password?

    In case you are wondering if it happened to others, I did not have to...
  16. Fr_Tom

    What's Your Normal Wake-Up and Start the Day Time?

    I have the alarm set for 4:00 on Sundays. It is set for 4:30 the rest of the time. I have an internal clock that typically has me awake and checking time about 10 minutes before the alarm goes off, and I will just get up then. This morning one of my dogs had to go for a pee at 3:45. Once my feet...
  17. Fr_Tom

    Advice for the Virginia Beach/Chesapeake area?

    I live in Williamsburg, VA these days. It is a nice area. I am a fan of Old City BBQ in Williamsburg - their smoked brisket is quite good. In the Virginia Beach area, we have had good seafood there, but the names of the places were not "sticky."
  18. Fr_Tom

    When Is Your Last Smoke of the Day

    I smoke pretty much whever I can. I will put a pipe down to head to bed. Depending on the day, that is some point between 8 and 9 as a rule. If I put down a partial bowl, I will typically finish it when I get up before hitting the hard stuff - like Picayune.
  19. Fr_Tom

    Compassion in a world currently in Chaos

    I have bought groceries for people like this ahead of me in line before. I have not done it in the last year. I expense it from my discretionary fund, so it is really a work-related expense, and maybe that does not count. I used to keep roiling tobacco for the street people in my last church...
  20. Fr_Tom

    I Wish I Knew How To Put A Linux OS On A Chromebook

    Honestly you could get a refurbished Dell or something off Ebay that would work better than the Chromebook for running Linux at about the same price point.