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    Accessories For Sale Unicorn Sale #2. McClelland

    I'll buy the Best Bayou Flake. Contact me at [email protected] and we can iron out the payment/shipping details. Best Regards - Smoker13
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    Broken Pipe Brewdude Rande Reed

    Oh, what sad news indeed. Although I never knew the man personally, I felt I could always count on seeing a solid post of sincerity here on the board, whether about tobacco, movies, or books. To say he will be missed is just not saying enough.
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    Pipe Mud

    Over the years I have heard references to this concoction as a cure to breaks in the cake of a pipe. Well, earlier in the summer I was lingering over a book while lingering a bit too long with my pipe when I started smelling the distinct aroma of burning wood. I instantly got out of my trance...
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    Modified Pipes and Coffee No5.

    Some lovely pipes, and the presentation(s) just makes me want to move to Greece!
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    Blackhorse HELP! I lost a pm page

    I did a deal for the new Sun Bear with a great member, Travis Boortz (or Boottz, I'm reading from his handwriting on the shipping label). Somehow, the pm page is gone and I need to tell him that I received the package and I want to pay him and ask what form of payment is his choice. Can you...
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    Accessories Wanted Will BUY new Sun Bear Mountain Flower $XXX/tin

    Many Thanks, Blackhorse. By the way, I've scored 4 tins, as yet to arrive. I'm counting on the honesty of the brothers!
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    Accessories Wanted Look to pm for big bucks offer for new Sun Bear.....

    Since I've been chastised for mentioning the amount in my message, I'm following the rules and listing the amount in a pm. Hope it works
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    Accessories Wanted Will BUY new Sun Bear Mountain Flower $XXX/tin

    Yep, I'm that desperate. I will give you $XXX for each tin of the new Sun Bear Mountain Flower tobacco up to 4 tins. ——————— Edited by mgmt to comply with user guidelines.
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    Tobacco sellers?

    I know there are a couple /few guys out there who sell tobacco as a side business. Could anybody provide their addresses? Thanks, I'm starving for some new Sun Bear (I was on vacation when the notice dopped and missed it)
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    Accessories Wanted WANTED: New Sun Bear Mountain Flower

    I was on vacation when this dropped and missed it (argh!). I'd like a minimum of 2 tins and/or a maximum of 5 tins. To purchase ($$) or trade with tobacco, either or both, whichever you'd prefer. Best Regards, Marc (Smoker13)
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    I concur, and until I read this entry I wondered if I was the only one who came up with the term "Farcebook" to encapsulate my feelings of this useless piece of so called "social media".
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    2014 Hal O' The Wynd in a Christmas 2021 Pete sandblasted Hudson with Stash Licorice tea on the side.
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    Meerschaums and clays?

    I have a beautiful smooth Apple Meer dedicated to C & D small batch tobacco SUN BEAR. This tobacco is simply sublime, and I get a wonderful hour + smoke whenever I feel I deserve a break from life's various pressures and demand. The coloring has been SSSSSLLLLLOOOOOOWWWW. Some paisley=ish...
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    SOLD! RDPipes Blasted Freehand Dublin w/Tamper (12/13/21)

    Ron, if someone else hasn't snagged it already I'll take it. Please let me know...............
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    I needed some good news today and must THANK YOU for providing it! Keep on Truckin'!!!!!!!!!
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    SOLD! RDPipes Blasted Bulldog w/Pecan Bowl cap (12/4/21)

    Man, I'm definitely bummed about missing that one....Gorgeous! (as they all are)
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    Selling your McClelland's?

    MAny Thanks!
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    Selling your McClelland's?

    Where do you access pipestud's site? Is it on the FORUM's Trade section?
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    SOLD! RDPipes Partially Blasted Rhodesian (11/26/21)

    Thank God I didn't get the chance to snap this one up, as I surely would have. I'd be simply petrified to put a match flame to that beautiful bowl!!!!