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  1. glassjapan

    FS: McClelland tins. - finished, thanks!

    Having to sell off some of the cellar, so here goes. Can take payment via Paypal F&F, check and money order. Add $8.00 for shipping (USPS Priority Mail shipping). Lower 48 only please. ’03 Christmas Cheer - $85 ’11 VA No.24 50g - $45 '07 Black Sea Sokhoum - $45 '07 Black Sea Sokhoum - $45...
  2. glassjapan

    WTT - Looking for McClelland Blending Oriental

    Hello all, looking to trade for your McClelland Blending Oriental tins. I've got a bunch of different McClelland blends to trade. Also bulk jarred FVF from '11. PM for offers. Thanks.
  3. glassjapan

    Done - Stonehaven for McClelland

    Putting up Stonehaven for trade for McClelland tins. I have Stonehaven in 2oz amounts in mason jars from 2011. Looking to trade for tins of McClelland Red & Black, Dark Star, Yenice Agonya, McCranie’s Red Flake/Ribbon. One 2oz jar for one 50g tin. I also have bulk SG Full Virginia jars from...