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    2021 in a few words

    Can anyone share one thing they are grateful for and one thing they regret this 2021.
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    What's been your most favorite pipe so far?

    Please tell us why and share some pics too.
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    At-Home Tobacco Blending

    What's been your best DIY blend so far?
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    Brothers of Briar 2021 Survey

    I am going to start doing an annual survey so I better know what to improve on here at Brothers of Briar. Would really appreciate a few minutes of your time. I will also be sending this request via e-mail newsletter. Brothers of Briar 2021 Survey
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    How-to notes for the new software.

    First thing all want to know. How to get rid of the ads you'll see. If you are logged in - go to the upper right side of the forums and click on your name to see the User Control Panel. You are looking for preferences. Once you click on Preferences you will go down about 1/3 of the...