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  1. D.L.Ruth

    Peterson Christmas

    Yea, County Squire was the last place I found any spigots. Sometimes local/smaller shops hold on them longer.
  2. D.L.Ruth


    Damn that looks good. I hope it smokes better than it looks for you
  3. D.L.Ruth

    75 & 42

    Congratulations on 3/4 of a century and almost 1/2 century. I'm about to hit 42 in March so, you have been married longer than I have been alive lol
  4. D.L.Ruth

    New Here

    Welcome to the group.
  5. D.L.Ruth

    What's your drink for the night?

    Monkey Shoulder Scotch tonight
  6. D.L.Ruth

    Youtube quality or lack thereof?

    I find myself watching all kinds of restoration videos, no talking just restoring old things. It is satisfying to watch.
  7. D.L.Ruth

    WHAT? How if this POSSIBLE?

    Inked both the 159 and X159 up with Noodlers Heart of Darkness. Both write wonderfully. Must admit though I like the weight if the older 159, just feels better in my hand.
  8. D.L.Ruth

    Peterson Christmas

    Almost missed out on the one I wanted. Usually get my Pete Christmas pipe from Smoking Pipes since it come with the free tin of Christmas tobacco. By the time I got around to it they were out of the one I wanted. Finally found it at Country Squire and it arrived today.
  9. D.L.Ruth

    What's your drink for the night?

    Templeton Rye 6 year. Leave starts today so starting early.
  10. D.L.Ruth

    New Here

    Welcome to the group
  11. D.L.Ruth

    What's your drink for the night?

    Yes resurrecting an old thread. A glass of George Dickel bottled in bond, in a new glass, that arrived in the mail today as a welcome home gift.
  12. D.L.Ruth

    Snuff vendors

    Wilson's of Sharrow is some good stuff. Glad it got to you.
  13. D.L.Ruth

    Broken Pipe Cigrmaster.

    Always sad to hear. My best to his friends and family
  14. D.L.Ruth


    Super glue and duct tape? Maybe? Man that sucks
  15. D.L.Ruth

    Heading home

    Finally made it home. The thing about being gone so long is I further how much I order so it's like Christmas came early. Here's the pipe/tobacco I ordered that was waiting for me when I got home:
  16. D.L.Ruth

    Birthday Pen

    Also, happy birthday
  17. D.L.Ruth

    Birthday Pen

    Nice looking pen. I like that it is just clear enough to see through. Is it a vac filler? Just recently ordered my first vac pen from Twsbi, can't wait to get home to play with it.
  18. D.L.Ruth

    Horrible Pipe [suggestions]

    I believe Molina pipes take 9mm filters and are nicely priced. I have couple and they both seem to smoke very good. It's unfortunate you are problems with your peterson, I have mostly Petersons and love them all.
  19. D.L.Ruth

    Snuff vendors

    I have used and to both delivered. Although I know someone who also ordered from them and never got their order (they did get refunded, though it took some time).