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  1. gravel

    Birmingham Pen Company

    I’ve been eyeballing the wicket model-c at the above mentioned website. When they went on sale earlier this year. I snagged one with a medium nib. I haven’t had an opportunity to use it yet as my ink is in my office. No pics, but you can view it here: Wicket
  2. gravel

    First TAD Outbreak in Years

    I thought I was immune, but I’ve had a hankering for some cherry aromatic. Poking around on 4Noggins, I picked some up. Naturally I rounded up for free shipping because of the value. Bulks: 8oz of Tewksbury Hobbit’s Weed Match 4oz of Catamount 4oz of Outwest Tobacco Western Sunrise Tins: 2 x...
  3. gravel

    First Car for Oldest Daughter

    Today we purchased a car for my oldest to drive. Before she can drive it, she’ll need to learn to drive a manual. :-) Her first lesson was tonight. She did fine. I told her the majority of stalls in her life will happen early on, then she will have the feel and the ear for it.
  4. gravel


    In the time away from BoB, I've picked up a few writing utensils as part of my EDC for school. Lamy 2000 (EF Nib, filled with Pilot Iroshizuku Konpeki) TWSBI Diamond 580AL (EF Nib, filled with Noodler's Heart of Darkness) Noodler's Charlie (free, with the Noodler's ink noted above) Added to...
  5. gravel

    Checking In

    Hi folks, I'm sure many of you don't know me or have a vague recollection of me from my time active here. For those who do remember, I thought I'd check in. I remember all of you fondly. Aside from some job changes, I'm still progressing on my Masters degree targeting summer 2018 as my...
  6. gravel

    Headed back to school

    As some of you know, I am an Administrative Pastor. This summer I'll head back to school to finish up my Master's Degree (M.Div). It should take me a couple of years if I hit it hard. My visits have been few and far between in the last six months. I fear that may become the norm for me in the...
  7. gravel

    A brief update

    Hey brothers, I thought I would check in and let you know I'm alive and well. Big changes at my and my bride's work, and the kid's stuff like end of the school year activities, soccer games, and dance recitals, have necessitated a break from the forum. I saw some of the crazy coming up when I...
  8. gravel

    Monbla and Brothers of Briar on the new OomPaul Podcast

    Mentioned on this essay about the Oom Paul shape.
  9. gravel

    Tobacco Taxes By State January 2014

    I saw this shared over at CPS and found it interesting. PDF here:
  10. gravel

    A Mischievous Resolution: January 2014 - 22nd BoB Bomber Run

    Hey Gents! This mission marks the 22nd mission of the BoB Bombers. What started as a crazy idea in the mind of our Ret. Commander Blackhorse has endured into the year 2014! Who would've thunkit? The very first mission flown occurred in the month of April 2012. I, for one, didn't join in the...
  11. gravel

    A Brown Flake Bomb

    After working 11 hours on Monday I came home to find an ordinance in my mailbox. This was a precision strike, hitting me right where I was vulnerable. DrumsAndBeer had been paying attention and remembered that I mentioned wanting to try this blend. The thing is, I only mentioned it once. I...
  12. gravel

    Let's Bomb the Stuffing Out of Them: November Bomber Mission

    Here we are again Bombers! Its time again to bomb a turkey or two. For this mission keep in mind the season and add a little bit of extra something to your package - it could be a thanksgiving decoration, a note of thankfulness to the target, a package of gravy, a drumstick pipe, some 5 hour...
  13. gravel

    Smoking and Grilling: August 2013 BoB Bomber Mission

    I can just hear the belly aching now, "but we just completed a mission Commander! Can't we get some rest?" Sure thing buttercup, you can rest after you scrub the unit's latrine with a pipe cleaner! Cut the gab and get busy! There is no time to rest. As long as Middleton's Apple is still being...
  14. gravel

    Subterfuge by GrampaGrossbart!

    He's a sneaky guy I tell ya. He sends me an innocent sounding PM requesting information about another guy in the are (FF). I give him the info he seeks and forget about it. FF sends me a texts and informs me he has "something to give me". Immediately my mind shifts to GG's innocent sounding...
  15. gravel

    June 2013 - BoB Bomber Summer Mission Extravawhat?

    June 2013 BoB Bomber Summer Extravawhat is that Bright Thing in the Sky? Here in Oregon, the shift in weather from rain to sunshine floods the state west of the Cascades with a delirium. The sun does something to an Oregon mind where we forget stuff and live for every moment of bliss found...
  16. gravel


    Purchased a pipe from me and was very quick with his payment. I highly recommend him.
  17. gravel

    Happy birthday dpkrause!

    Hope it was great! Edit: Whoops! Wrong subforum. Can a mod please move to Life Events? Sorry....
  18. gravel

    Happy Birthday FishFuzz!

    Hope you have a Hulktastic day!
  19. gravel

    Happy birthday RichardHester!

    Hope your birthday is great brother!
  20. gravel

    Surprised by the Shadow

    I felt a chill in the air as I walked to the mailbox. I attributed this to the change of seasons. Naive. The key opened the lockbox and revealed the box. My kids were excited, thinking grandma sent them some treat. "No, I've drawn the attention of a most notorious man. This is his doing...