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  1. K


    Disgusting. I can't believe anything about tobacco availability anymore. I'll believe it when I see it for sale and not before.
  2. K

    Same Blend, Different Packaging

    Not being made of money I would deeply resent anyone doing the old bait and switch routine with my tobacco orders. In a B&M shop you at least have a fighting chance of recognizing a tobacco. Online you only have a bad picture and a vague description to go on. Not everyone can be trusted to give...
  3. K

    Hello from Coastal NC

    Welcome to you.
  4. K

    Was Asked By A Woman Friend

    70 years old and hardly ever have to get up because I have to urinate. Problem is, I can only sleep a few hours at a time. I may very well have urinary problems if I could stay asleep long enough to discover them.