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  1. Ol'Dawg

    Hello from NC!

    Welcome to BoB!
  2. Ol'Dawg

    Hello from Minnesota

    Welcome to BoB! I have lost several pipes and left clenching. Fortunately I haven't lost any teeth. lol Really nice bass!
  3. Ol'Dawg

    New from Maryland

    Forgot to asked if you go to Fort Frederick Market Fair. I've been several times and really enjoyed it and found the way to put sinew on clay pipes.
  4. Ol'Dawg

    New from Maryland

    Welcome to BoB!
  5. Ol'Dawg

    New from nation’s oldest city

    Welcome to BoB!
  6. Ol'Dawg

    Tobacco help

    PS: The magazine may not up to date directory especially covid virus, but I have shopped in St. Louis, Columbia, KC MO, Springfield, Branson.
  7. Ol'Dawg

    Tobacco help

    Check about on retailers I posted. These were retailers brick and mortar not any toy store, beauty salon etc.
  8. Ol'Dawg

    Tobacco help

    Another idea....check on the to find the retailers in MO. Then find a shop to talk/see and get samples would be helpful owners.
  9. Ol'Dawg

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    New meds screwed my taste buds but I'm smoking SWR in a cob and is not too bad.
  10. Ol'Dawg


    In 2009 I had a discussion with Puff daddy about Uhles 00 vs Stok. 702. We came the same conclusion they were both and same and cheaper at Stok. Recently I saw was Newminster 702 and had the same as Stok. in the top page tobacco reviews.
  11. Ol'Dawg

    Hummingbird Buddies

    It's neat when they were feeding near the stations. In October 1st they leave but come back in mid April here.
  12. Ol'Dawg

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Yesterday I smoked with some G&H black cherry on my 1945 group 1 Dunhill. Today I smoked Stok. Bullseye on my new Nording grouse.
  13. Ol'Dawg

    Not new, but back.

    Welcome back, there's some new characters.
  14. Ol'Dawg

    77 and 52

    When you have a birthday it's a big party close to Christmas. I do have a wonderful wife best friend and partner. When I got a job my car insurance was $200 every 6 months, got married and insurance was $125, when I became 25 years would have paid $75 but State Farm cancelled it and found...
  15. Ol'Dawg

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas with peace and health to everyone!
  16. Ol'Dawg

    Back in the habit

    Welcome to BoB!
  17. Ol'Dawg


    If you liked burley, try Velvet tobacco has a little cherry taste and other flavors but soft palate. Another one is Davidoff Danish taste the burley with a hint honey, figs and maple. Stok. 701 and 702 are both one dimension taste. You could make your own blend with either Velvet or Danish.
  18. Ol'Dawg

    New pipe for me

    Really nice pipe!