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  1. gravel

    Bulkin' Up

    Looks like you’ve got enough for the weekend!
  2. gravel

    Stokkebye's Cube Cut Burley tried to kill me today

    It sounds like you and your wife make a great team. As for that burley, a smoldering death is an appropriate punishment for their heinous crime.
  3. gravel

    Accessories For Sale 7 1/2 pounds of aged tobacco all gone

    Oh my. I don’t need anymore tobacco. /drool
  4. gravel

    Favorite Barbecue Sauce?

    My favorite is the one used by whoever is cooking.
  5. gravel

    Central TX checking in

    Hey It’s GaryInVA! Welcome to BoB! Good to see you here brother!
  6. gravel

    Edwards pipes

    I have two Edwards pipes and they are fantastic smokers. I’ll post a pic some day.
  7. gravel

    12 Step Program for Pipe Addicts?

    That’s a feature and not a bug. As you grow more experienced in the hobby you will slow your PAD. You might even slow your TAD.
  8. gravel

    Cost of tobacco

    I can’t believe you’ve been getting an extra 7oz for $1 all this time!
  9. gravel

    Sav 616ks

    If you have family or friends outside of the state willing to ship to you, you could go that route.
  10. gravel

    March 12th…bye bye mask mandate in Oregon.

    I agree! You shouldn’t put it in writing. ;-) Congrats on being able to go into Lucky market without a mandate.
  11. gravel

    Evening From NH

    Welcome to BoB from the other side of the country!
  12. gravel

    Hello from self-embargoed Washington State

    I was about to suggest the same Gusto. Welcome to BoB! I hope you find your time here valuable. I have a fair bit of family on both sides of the state, but have only visited one pipe shop in Spokane.
  13. gravel

    Hello from North Mississippi

    Welcome to BoB!
  14. gravel

    Boswell Blends

    It’s all good. Folks looking for info will appreciate the recommendations. Someone looking for a Shortcut to Mushrooms or Frog Morton alternative may find what they are looking for in Northwoods. Generally what one found appealing in one was present in all three. I’ve read that Fusilier's...
  15. gravel

    Butz Choquin questkon

    That’s good to hear. I’ll close the pipe box without regrets.
  16. gravel

    Any ideas anyone???

    Lucky you! Precarb isn’t necessary. Instead it is insurance against inexperienced pipe smokers who smoke too hot. Even so, most pipes can handle an inexperienced smoker.
  17. gravel

    What are you smokin'?

    Three today. A Nica Rustica with a wrapper that started to fall off and these two:
  18. gravel

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Thanks for the recommendation! Generally I’ve stayed away from cigar leaf in my pipe tobacco and pipe tobacco from my cigars. What I like in pt, I avoid in cigars. I’m weird like that.
  19. gravel

    Hello Again

    Welcome back Puffy! I hope you find some camaraderie here even as you continue to process your grief. I’m pulling for you.
  20. gravel

    Dunhill 251

    It’s always good to see old pipes return to service!