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  1. HolySmokes

    Surgery Day

    I am happy to hear you got that removed! I hope you continue to heal up and feel better. I’ve had a kidney stone before and it was TERRIBLE. Along with the other replies here, the hops in beer can help prevent kidney stones made out of calcium, so a beer a day could keep the doctor away. 👍
  2. HolySmokes

    My pipes

    C’mon, I believe in you. That’s a really beautiful collection. Love the display too.
  3. HolySmokes

    Night time beverages

    You could try a Rooibos tea. It’s a non-caffeinated tea and can be blended for a bunch of different flavors. I get mine from Happy Mug.
  4. HolySmokes

    Aging Va/pers

    In the specialty coffee world some companies will flush their bags with nitrogen before sealing. I would think something similar could be done to mason jars and mini nitrogen canisters prior to filling the jars with your favorite blend.
  5. HolySmokes

    Monitoring blood pressure?

    I’m a hands on medical professional, and what we were taught in school is to tell the patient to sit for 10-15 minutes before a BP reading, and that manual BPs are the gold standard. I’ve got big upper arms and I have yet to find an automated machine that gets what they get at the doc’s office...