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    What are you smoking?

    ERR'd in a Boswell bent. I'm lucky enough to have almost two full 14 oz. cans of this. Smokey
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    Need some tobacco suggestions.

    I would also recommend L.J. Peretti, they have some superb English blends. Smokey
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    Latakia Powerhouse Wanted?

    C&D Pirate Kake is the strongest Latakia blend I've smoked: it's supposed to be 70% Latakia. C&D also has a tinned blend called DaVinci that is supposedly 75% Latakia. Smokey
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    Revelation tobacco???

    C&D's Epiphany is supposed to be a knockoff of Revelation, although it is designed after the Revelation of Philip Morris if I remember Bob Runowski's writings correcty. It is a delightful smoke and I keep a lb. here at home at all times. Smokey
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    What are you smoking?

    My all-time favorite medium English, C&D Plantation Evening, in my all-time favorite pipe, my Jan Zeman Latitude 41 North Cape. Smokey
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    What are you smoking?

    Classic Burley Kake in a Peterson 999. Russ really got it right on this one, it's a fabulous smoke! Smokey
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    Boswell Blends

    Boswell pipes and tobaccos have been favorites of mine for many years. The first blend of theirs I tried waa PA Dutch Treat, the best cherry blend I have ever tried. Next came No Bite Delite, a caramel/chocolate delight blended by Dan Boswell. Then I tried some of their English blends: Mild...
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    What are you smoking?

    Classic Burley Kake in a Peterson 999. This is a wonderul tobacco for smokers who like a bit of sweetness in their burley. :D Smokey
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    Latakia blends

    I'll also cast a vote for Peretti's Royal Blend. If you want something a little fuller, try their British Blend. Maltese Falcon from GL Pease is another favorite. C&D has some good ones: Plantation Evening, Bow-Legged Bear, and for a really full blend, Pirate Kake. I like some of the Boswell...
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    What are you smoking?

    Morley's Best in a bent Boswell. Smokey
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    Tasty Aromatics

    Boswell Tobaccos and Pipeworks and Wilke. In the Bosworth, I can especially recommend PA Dutch Treat, No Bite, Delite, Raspberry Cream, Piper's Pleasure, and Chocolate Cream. You can find out more at You do have to call in your orders to the Boswell's but can get as small as...
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    What are you smoking?

    P&W Vermont Maple Cavendish, for my money the best maple-flavored tobacco on the market, in a Savinelli. Seriously, Carole does a wonderful job with this tobacco. Smokey
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    What are you smoking?

    H&H Anniversary Kake in a Peterson 87 apple. Rumor has it that this blend resulted from a supplier sending the wrong VAs to Russ at Pipes and Cigars. I'm glad Russ decided to go ahead and use them, this is one fine VA/Per! Smokey
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    If Tobacco Became Illegal...

    If I was stocking up for tobacco prohibition, my list would look something like this: C&D- Plantation Evening Epiphany Bow-Legged Bear Pegasus H&H- Classic Burley Kake (big supply!) Distinguished Penguin Anniversary Kake Boswell's- PA Dutch Treat...
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    What are you smoking?

    Started the day with H&H Classsic Burley Kake in a Peterson 999 Irish Whiskey. It tasted so good I'm following it with another bowl of C.B.K. in an MM Country Gentleman cob. I really like this tobacco, one of Russ's best blends. Smokey
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    What are you smoking?

    Boswell's PA Dutch Treat in a Karl Erik bulldog. This is one aromatic that I never tire of. Smokey
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    What are you smoking?

    C&D Plantation Evening in a basket saddle bit billiard. This is a fabulous English smoke. Smokey
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    What are you smoking?

    Boswell's Mild English in a basket bent acorn. This combo really smokes well together, just proves you don't always have to have an expensive pipe to get a good smoke. Smokey
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    What are you smoking?

    Boswell's No Bite Delite in a Savinelli Duca Carlo author. My wife loves it when I smoke this tobacco because of the great room aroma. Smokey
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    Boswell's Northwoods

    I'd like to clarify my original post. I DO NOT believe that the Boswell's are engaging in any price gouging. They use top quality tobaccos and those cost money. They also need to make enough to cover the overhead, keep the doors open, and support two families. Right now my budget won't allow for...