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  1. niles


    About 9 years ago my grandaddy passed away - after the funeral my dad came down from the 2nd floor to the living room where i was sitting and handed me "Grandee's" knife, a little Jr. Ploughman into which he had engraved his name, mine but for the "III". I carried that knife faithfully until one...
  2. niles

    Why corn cob?

    great thread! I am looking around to MAKE a cob pipe...I have some ideas for the shape of the thing and am thinking that I'll cut up a MM to get the stem and stuff and then fit it into the cob... Has anybody ever tried to make one of these? Can I use just any ole grocery store corn, or do I...
  3. niles

    Cool thing a friend sent me ...

    HAHAHAHAHA - M'Excellent!
  4. niles

    Telemarketer shut down

    I have T-Mobile - I MAY get one text every couple months. I never answer the phone unless I recognize the number, or unless I'm expecting a service call...I wonder how it is that Verizon is a magnet for scum like this whereas the other carriers not so much...??
  5. niles

    FDA now controls tobacco

    @Mark: That's great news, Mark - the article HM posted was written in 2008 before the recession hit, so I wondered if the optimistic tone was still operative. Things pretty good for y'all, huh?
  6. niles

    FDA now controls tobacco

    Thanks, HM - ...that's heartwarming...and then there's this: He's referring there to the revelation that statistics regarding smoking and health-issues suggest a direct link between smoking cigarettes and death from smoking related health problems. Sobering, no?
  7. niles

    FDA now controls tobacco

    Hmmm... Is it a good time, or a bad time to be a tobacco farmer right now? Does anyone know?
  8. niles

    FDA now controls tobacco

    I'm getting a new tattoo... ...right on my forehead... "Life Causes Death"
  9. niles

    FDA now controls tobacco

    uh...yes, anybody who puts a cigarrette in their mouth should read that...I feel lucky that I've never really had the craving... Thanks for the head-clearing link, EJ!
  10. niles

    FDA now controls tobacco

    I believe the issue is the level of nicotine that is added to the product, not good, natural tobacco itself... am I off on this?
  11. niles

    graaaar Its Monday.

  12. niles

    FDA now controls tobacco

    meh...try not to panic, Righters...i'm sure noone's gonna come take your toys away, least of all the big scary new President. :roll: :D ;) BTW, PhillipMorris (oops, thanks HM) is behind this legislation. :darklord:
  13. niles

    Fascinating read...

    Gentlemen, I should warn you, this is no time for complacency...
  14. niles

    Backpacking with pipes

    Natch - what IS that pipe in the photo there???
  15. niles

    Which one of you guys is this?

    heh - my sweeties' name for me is "butthole" - it took some getting used to, but it's better than "buttHEAD", I :suspect: "Dottle" - you would put that one on when you're going out and just need to be by yourself for a bit - market that as the "Loner's" scent...
  16. niles

    Cool corncob idea

    LL - this is great... Is this something a handy dude like me could accomplish or would I need special pipe-making tools? I just recently busted my little cob's stem (the one in the pic) and went and got a new MM, kind of a medium sized Macdaddy - if I could fit a nice stem in the little older...
  17. niles

    Which one of you guys is this?

    btw - "Dottle" is a great name for a cologne...
  18. niles

    New Cologne

    HA! (@Winslow) "let them smell your White Ash"! Dude...that is genius! ...also: "Dottle" would be a great name.
  19. niles

    bowl coatings

    Sorry, no recipe for you, but investigate the "cigar mud" option, maybe??
  20. niles

    Telemarketer shut down

    ...right. Though humorous, this approach to telemarketers doesn't represent the proper way to deal with them (and neither does hanging up)... Stop them. Tell them to take you off of their list. (it's my understanding that they are legally bound to do so) or...just don't answer the phone if...