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  1. Mozjo33

    Broken Pipe Brewdude Rande Reed

    I haven't logged in for a couple of weeks. This is horrible news. Rande was a great guy. May he rest in peace!
  2. Mozjo33

    RD pipes lovat

    Gorgeous! I'm certain it will be a great smoker. Enjoy!
  3. Mozjo33

    Selling your McClelland's?

    I took a couple of years hiatus from smoking a pipe. I didn't realize the prices for MC tobacco got so crazy. I didn't hoard much so what I do have I'm going to keep. But there will be much more appreciation for it when I do.
  4. Mozjo33

    A few random shots of my smoking den. What does yours look like?

    As I stated above, I don't have a smoking room but I do display some pipes in my den. What I like about the pipes I have out is that they were made by current/former BOB members. From L - R - C: RDPipes (Ron Powell) - IMHO Ron makes some of the most beautiful pipes you can find and my...
  5. Mozjo33

    A few random shots of my smoking den. What does yours look like?

    Love both those rooms. I have a couple of pipes in my den, but that's about it. The boss does not like me smoking in the house.
  6. Mozjo33


    Thank you sir!
  7. Mozjo33

    2021 in a few words

    Thank you gentlemen!
  8. Mozjo33


    I've been away from this forum for too long. I am truly happy for you Rande and pray that the cancer stays away. All the best in this upcoming year! Mo
  9. Mozjo33

    2021 in a few words

    This is my first post in a long while. I hope you all and your families are doing well. 2021 will go down as the best year of my life and quite possibly the busiest. Retired from a long career in federal law enforcement and took a job at my alma mater; sold in one city, moved, and bought our...
  10. Mozjo33

    SOLD! RDPipes Blasted Prince Spigot (12/20/21)

    Ron, you make it hard for someone to keep money in their pocket! This is absolutely beautiful!
  11. Mozjo33


    That's why I jumped on this one so fast. I got lucky and was on Instagram when he posted it.
  12. Mozjo33


    I purchased a new carving from Ron on a Wednesday and had it in my hands on Saturday. Ron is a true professional and artists. I'll reveal the pipe after my move.
  13. Mozjo33

    Estate Sale Motherlode?

    What a great way to spend a day! I would love to walk through and see what is actually there.
  14. Mozjo33

    It's been a minute or two...

    Thank you all! No truer words ever been said BD. Thanks for the warm return.
  15. Mozjo33

    It's been a minute or two...

    I hope this message finds everyone and their families healthy well! It's been a while since I've posted on this or any forum for that matter. That's not to say that I wasn't lurking from time to time. Lots of changes over the past couple of years. We've moved from PA to VA to OH. My two...
  16. Mozjo33

    New RDPipes Blasted Bent Rhodesian 2/11/21 SOLD!

    And I am the lucky buyer of said pipe! I follow Ron on Instagram and got tired of drooling over his work, so i bought one. They go so fast I wasted no time. It's been a while since I've been on BoB. I'll update on life's happenings in the days to come. Hope all is well. Thanks again Ron!
  17. Mozjo33

    Happy Birthday Blackhorse

    Happy Birthday BH! I hope it was a wonderful day. :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
  18. Mozjo33

    Stanwell Gilt Edged 13 metamorphosis

    Absolutely striking!!! That is fantastic.
  19. Mozjo33

    Show us your RD Pipe!

    I have ALWAYS loved Ron's carvings.  This being my favorite by far.  I haven't smoked in a long time or bought a pipe in over 3 years.  I may be changing both soon as I miss it.  Ron - I hope one day you return to making pipes.  You are amazing at it!!