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    I smoke pipes since 1974, altough I am Turkish I never acquired a taste for meerschaum pipes until this year. Thanks to =AZXIypCzWT557xR1eDNZnY0TnpQYhW9uMH_6WJbWJlQfxtOCV_aT7hx91J6Bzgd48jD7dZIfimyFj_bO4X0LIjTle2xSgYI7WbOaJ4Q3FdjSDq1IxHFRgmIouw8eRxq2C3R5OtPsVzBs_rtEKHnTxzTL&tn=-]K-R']Salih Koç...
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    Made 3 batches of cavendish from 3 different leaves today. Will accompany to my new blends after drying a bit.
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    Ready for a weekend of blending

    My private blend "Morning Mist" out of press this morning.
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    Ready for a weekend of blending

    Just out of press this morning
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    Ready for a weekend of blending

    I had been a bit down in last two weeks, world news, local news and a little personal stuff frustrated me. So I haven’t done too much on blending. This year I am intending to operate much systematically. My base tobacco Burley, Virginia, and two Turkish Orientals (Yayladağ and Bafra) are set...
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    The Blend I Wasn't Going To Assemble

    Must be a hell of a noodle press, 48 oz wow
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    Resting to mature

    Last3-4 months blends resting to mature. 5 of them are my regular daily blends which hits the spot for me.
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    Greetings from Bodrum - Turkey

    I started with a noodle press (I just use it to test blends), after a while needed to make more quantities so I started using 5x10 cm square aluminum profile 9cm high with g press. Finally I made a press with which I can press four batches at once. I got a hold to latakia producers and a couple...
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    Greetings from Bodrum - Turkey

    I get them directly from the farmers 6-7 different orientals we have in Turkey and also virginia and burley.
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    Greetings from Bodrum - Turkey

    I don't make pipes, I just blend tobacco starting from leaves
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    Greetings from Bodrum - Turkey

    I am a pipe smoker on and off since 1974, After working and living in nine different countries finally parked in Bodrum, originally, I am from İstanbul. I am also blending my own tobacco for about a year starting from leaves. I finally reached to 3 favorite afternoon blends and 2 morning blends...