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  1. Blackhorse

    Having A Cup of Tea

    Upton Tea dot com. Thirteen “versions” of Earl Grey...plus a bazillion other kinds. https://www.uptontea.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjwoc_8BRAcEiwAzJevtc2ha2Y7wBWm2tzEN1EIKpgp8HSpcgYjnYOgF3IFu1mSr3nvWbZLLBoCYt4QAvD_BwE&q=Earl%20Grey&top=169
  2. Blackhorse

    Papa...second message regarding your avatar...as we are a non-political site (no political posts...

    Papa...second message regarding your avatar...as we are a non-political site (no political posts allowed) I’m asking you again to change your avatar abd delete the photi if President Trump. By having his picture on your avatar you are in essence making a political comment each time you post...
  3. Blackhorse

    New look for BoB?

    WARLOCK BOB! Good to see you drop in. Hope all is well.
  4. Blackhorse

    Some new knives...

    Lways a good thing.
  5. Blackhorse

    Some new knives...

    I’ve been promising Idlefellow some materials for his knife maker guy. I think I finally might have the right stuff for him. It’s taken an age. Well, the deer had to shed the antlers...so...
  6. Blackhorse

    How-to notes for the new software.

    I don’t think they were in a separate section. At least they looked like they just preceded the current posts as part of their body in whatever section they had been either posted to or adjusted to be sticky at some point after being posted.
  7. Blackhorse

    How-to notes for the new software.

    OK...that works. How about all the “stickied’ posts that used to be “above” the list of current posts? Many of thos contain important information we don’t want to lose. And what about the signature “badges” a number of members had worked to show with their posts? Those were very important to...
  8. Blackhorse

    Happy birthday, History Prof 1861!

    HP 1861...does this make you HP 1862? Whatever. Have a great birthday day.
  9. Blackhorse

    New look for BoB?

    Yup...if it’s broke, don’t fix it. Or...something.
  10. Blackhorse

    New look for BoB?

    It’s “us” not you. Under a new system for site management. Everything you’re used to is still here...just kinda scrambled. Supposed to be an improvement. Have fun with it.
  11. Blackhorse

    Aladino Cigars

    Ooooooo. The Big Change has occurred. Cool.
  12. Blackhorse

    Aladino Cigars

    If you live in Atlanta how do/did you import Cuban cigars?
  13. Blackhorse

    Aladino Cigars

    What tobaccos are used in the construction of the cigars?
  14. Blackhorse

    Good bye to an old friend

    Losing a member of your family is the hardest thing.  Condolences. It sounds like you gave him a good life...and vice versa.
  15. Blackhorse

    Another sad day

    I remember watching Whitey on TV. Close as I ever got. An American hero.
  16. Blackhorse

    Tobacco jars organized!

  17. Blackhorse

    IT’S FALL!

    Drove through a local Starbucks to get my wife a spinach feta wrap (yuk) and a non-fat decaf latte (what’s the point?). I popped for the trusty Pumpkin Spiced Latte. Ahhhh. Can’t help myself. Love those things. They just scream Fall. Any other special coffee drinks I should know about?
  18. Blackhorse

    Sante's stash - Round 1

    lestrout - 1. Do the stated prices include shipping? 2. Deals, negotiations, buys, etc. should be done via PM or at least not here in the open forum. Clean out your PM’s (or a bunch of ‘em anyway)...post a texting number (not really suggested)...or give an email address for folks to connect...
  19. Blackhorse

    Sante's stash - Round 1

    And away we go...