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  1. Blackhorse

    Classical guitarist and smoker

    Welcome aboard.
  2. Blackhorse

    Need Recommendation - Vanilla

    Vanilla forward in bulk… Pipes & Cigars “Butternut Burley” 4 Noggins “Butternut Burley” The Country Squire “Second Breakfast” “Boswell’s Best”
  3. Blackhorse

    Barbecue sauce - your favorite?

    I appreciate the trend here to post home blends.
  4. Blackhorse

    Finally got a Barling

  5. Blackhorse

    Hello guys,

    Yeah, keep hangin’ around. Glad you decided to join up.
  6. Blackhorse

    Amazon Pipes

    Stay far away.
  7. Blackhorse

    Greetings from Malaysia

    Sounds like you’re in a good place. Glad you found us.
  8. Blackhorse

    Smoke Rings from Carolina

    Welcome aboard Johnny.
  9. Blackhorse

    Your method of fishing?

    Most fun for me was for big Halibut in the waters off Ketchikan, Alaska…where I lived for 8 years. First you hook ‘em then you shoot ‘em. It starts out with bouncing herring things off the bottom as you drift across pinnacles. I also like drifting one or two salmon eggs with a split shot down...
  10. Blackhorse

    Rattray's Grand Pipe Lighter

    Like this?
  11. Blackhorse

    David from Norco, CA

    Welcome aboard David.
  12. Blackhorse

    Hello from Memphis

    Kill the fatted calf! The prodigal returneth. Good to see you here Nick.
  13. Blackhorse

    Online Meerschaum Stores

    Usual suspect vendors could include Pipes & Cigars, Smoking Pipes, Mars, Iwan Ries, 4 Noggins, etc., etc., etc.
  14. Blackhorse

    Online Meerschaum Stores

    Is there a reason you’re not looking at a “regular” online vendor…as opposed to the specialized sites you named?
  15. Blackhorse

    Hi from The Great White North

    Glad to have you with us.
  16. Blackhorse

    Adding aromatic flavor to tobacco?

    Zeno’s da man!
  17. Blackhorse


    Glad to have you aboard.
  18. Blackhorse

    Barbecue sauce - your favorite?

    Order it from Amazon. Currently under $4 delivered. Add some to any other “normal” bbq sauce or use it 100%. This has become my hands down gotta have.
  19. Blackhorse

    Greetings from Maine

    Glad you joined in.