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  1. Zeno Marx

    Your method of fishing?

    I'm a noodler. No, I'm really not, but I do like to sometimes watch them noodle. I grew up by a smaller creek with giant catfish and carp, and they freak me out. When they're pulling 60-100LB catfish with just their hands, I'm dumfounded. I've never liked fish, even as a kid and fishsticks...
  2. Zeno Marx


    Thank you for the well wishes, Timbo and Gusto.
  3. Zeno Marx


    Here's something...funny?...from last night. I know a person who hand shingles last month. Also, at a tobacconist, one of our customers had shingles on his cheek, each nerve ending in its own sack. It looked so incredibly painful. It's etched into my mind. As I said, I thought it was just...
  4. Zeno Marx


    Thank you. I'll tell you one thing that is a godsend: hot showers. I could live in the shower, and then I want to go take a nap like a rock. I go from feeling 40% normal to 90% normal. I wish we had saunas like the Finns.
  5. Zeno Marx


    resurrecting an old thread because we don't need a new one... I thought I had the flu for a few days. Mild cough, but really no big deal and only feeling low in the morning when I woke up. 5 days later, I realize I have C19 for I think the third time. There's a surge here, and someone I hung...
  6. Zeno Marx

    Selling your McClelland's?

    I used to think all this cellaring of tins was pretty much reserved for those with a lot of discretionary money, but as I have frequented other boards more in the past couple months, I've realized that there's almost no chance of losing money, so why not just pile it up in the closet? What I'm...
  7. Zeno Marx

    Blade bank?

    I use a ground pepper tin. The middle opening is intended for a spoon, and it has a plastic flap you can clip closed. Blades easily drop in there, and then I shake it a little until they're all laying flat on the bottom. If I cared about aesthetics, I could paint it or take it down to the...
  8. Zeno Marx

    Adding aromatic flavor to tobacco?

    from another board... I start all casings with a 1:1 Sugar Water mixture. I add 1 part sugar by weight to 1 part Water by weight and drop in a tablespoon of white vinegar per quart. You can use apple cider vinegar if you want a nice sort of fruity undertone. Then I just bring the stuff to a...
  9. Zeno Marx

    Barbecue sauce - your favorite?

    +1 on Blackhorse's recommendation...because anything with gochujang is made better.
  10. Zeno Marx

    Burger Press Recommendations?

    I use the top of one of those peanut butter stuffed pretzel canisters from Sam's Club. You can put a strip/line it with plastic wrap so when you smoosh the stuff into the mold, you can just pull the plastic to pop it out, or you can do it without it too. You can just tap the corner on a plate...
  11. Zeno Marx

    Gap Issue

    I've had this issue a couple times. One time it fixed a gurgling pipe. First, be sure there isn't a piece of tobacco or built-up gunk or cake in the mortise. If not, you can very little by very little bit, use a fine file or very fine sandpaper perpendicularly on the tenon tip. Give it a...
  12. Zeno Marx

    Prices of meerschaums - are they at times arbitrary? Yes

    I keep thinking I need a meershaum, which would only be my second one and not since the first year of smoking a pipe, but...and then stories like this one, making me uncertain of the entire transaction...eh, I've lived without another one for this long. This seems like one of the few good...
  13. Zeno Marx

    Pipe Theme Tattoos

    Have none. Had a couple designed by a brother who is a fine artist. Never got them, and I'm certain it irritated him. Glad I never got one. As a kid, I thought they were the coolest, but as an adult, I find them uncool. I don't think I've ever seen a pipe tattoo, but I also do my best to...
  14. Zeno Marx

    Farmer neck scarves

    You were! You absolutely were.
  15. Zeno Marx

    Farmer neck scarves

    can't help with the scarfs, but I enjoy that show a lot. those period piece shows are a sonofagun. I see clothes I like all the time, but I have no idea where I'd wear them. The hacking and hunting jackets are especially cool. It's too bad full belted tweed jackets are a thing of the past...
  16. Zeno Marx

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    38°, overcast, and very windy. I found a nook, and the wind wasn't a problem. Italian poker in a British tradition with new Night Train. It was a fantastic smoke. 8.5/10
  17. Zeno Marx

    Chewing tobacco twists fir smoking

    Great thread. As I've mentioned, I used to love Red Man and Red Man Plug (others were good too) when playing baseball. I'd love to find a similar flavor for an occasional pipe. I know I wouldn't want it all the time, but every now and then would be a treat.
  18. Zeno Marx

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    28°, breezy, and sunny. British prince with 5 year old Night Train. The top of the bowl was very spicy and tangy, but it settled down after that. Night Train is the weirdest thing for me. It can be dark fruit and prunes, which is why I smoke it at all, but it can also be so tangy that it...
  19. Zeno Marx

    Algerian Briar Rogers

    I believe there used to be an Edward's expert on here, but I haven't seen him for a very long time. He even had a nifty website dedicated to his collection of Edward's. I've owned a couple, and neither were noteworthy smokers; not bad, but nothing impressive either. They sometimes made really...
  20. Zeno Marx

    Moldy pipe

    Yep, I agree with Timbo. If you're worried about the outside finish, you could just give it a cotton ball/alcohol soak or two. If the outside finish is something you're open to refurbishing/re-doing, you can dump the entire briar into a glass of alcohol. In the case of just doing the soak(s)...