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  1. Aussiemike

    Hello guys,

    Welcome to BoB!
  2. Aussiemike

    Greetings from Malaysia

    Welcome mate!
  3. Aussiemike

    Sorry to bore you guys but I'm sooooo bored.

    Have you tried the PlayStation guitar hero game? I have never played it but I know a few musios that give it a go. Either way hang in there mate we are much better for having you here (y)
  4. Aussiemike

    What Are You Reading?

    A good reference only for Aussie's though. Australian Nature Fieldguide: Wild Food Plants of Australia is the fieldguide edition of Wild Food Plants of Australia. It is presented in a concise, convenient form to facilitate quick and ready reference in the field. Tim Low has provided a truly...
  5. Aussiemike

    What Are You Reading?

    A great read. A desolate group of islands in the Indian Ocean, A Proud 17th century vessel aground on the reef, unspeakable treachery, human suffering and misery pushed to the utmost limits, legendary maritime prowess. The discovery of one of the most sought after wrecks in the world, bringing...
  6. Aussiemike

    Hello from NC!

    Welcome Alex (y)
  7. Aussiemike

    New piper from Ireland

    Welcome mate (y)
  8. Aussiemike

    Hello from Memphis

    Welcome Nick (y)
  9. Aussiemike

    David from Norco, CA

    Welcome Musicus, Great to have you aboard. (y)
  10. Aussiemike

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Good on you looking after the stray Pussy Jim, man after my own heart (y) ;)
  11. Aussiemike

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Good to see another "Passion Paws" out there , at least you gave it a crack Ranger.mmmmm Dint meant that pun dohhhhh
  12. Aussiemike

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    I have to ask Jim Daisey? Tomato ?
  13. Aussiemike

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    WOW Jim I have never seen a pipe like that its a beauty love it!! (y) (y)
  14. Aussiemike

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Smokeing my aristocob Aristocob - Pipedia with a bit of Rattrays Accountant mixture, Rattrays is fairly new to me but I have enjoyed all the different blends I have smoked so far. I was scared to smoke this pipe until I read Owl pipes reproduce a hardwood replacement bowl. Or if you weren't a...
  15. Aussiemike

    Greetings from Maine

    Welcome mate
  16. Aussiemike


    Good on you james a big welcome from down under.
  17. Aussiemike

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Smoking my brown jima and a bit of Sillems red gezzz I love them both. I would be getting more of these pipes when they come up for sale love em. The only straight ? billiard ? pipe I really love smoking. https://pipedia.org/wiki/Jima
  18. Aussiemike

    Tight MM Cobbit stem

    mmmm Balisong at least you are not know as "passion paws" F#%K everything you touch like me :ROFLMAO:
  19. Aussiemike

    Hi from The Great White North

    Welcome jiro, great bunch of people here you just +1 (y)
  20. Aussiemike

    Tight MM Cobbit stem

    I thought I would pull my cobbit stem off, I dont know why because I have churchwarden pipe cleaners. With great, and I mean great force I managed to pull off the shank that was tighter than a nuns you know what! I read on a post from someone that you wiggle the stem cold of course up and down...