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  1. skaukatt

    Diplomatico Anejo Venezuelan Rum

    Love Diplo, a bit sweet but good. I love Zacapa more though!
  2. skaukatt

    Binge-worthy TV shows?

    The Expanse - Amazon Prime Breaking Bad - Netflix
  3. skaukatt

    Broken Pipe - Sam Barnett - NY Pipe Show Co-Host

    More sad news from NYC... I am certain many of you are familiar with NYC staple, Sam Barnett, co-host with Rich Esserman of the long running NY Pipe Show, has sadly, passed away. The following is from Rich Esserman from his Facebook post: Rich Esserman posted this tonight. Broken Pipe - Sam...
  4. skaukatt

    Broken Pipe... NYPC Member, Dan Silverstone

    Funeral Arrangements for Dan Silverstone... There will be a graveside ceremony on Friday, July 20th at 11:30 am at the Mount Ararat Cemetery in Lyndenhurst, Long Island. The address is 1165 NY-109, Lindenhurst, NY 11757. http://www.mountararatcemetery.com/ If you can make it I know Dan's wife...
  5. skaukatt

    Broken Pipe... NYPC Member, Dan Silverstone

    BROKEN PIPE!!! You better sit down - For those who knew this kind man... I posted this to our Club members and our Facebook page and thought I'd do the same here as many of you here knew Dan from the NY Show and more recently, Chicago. It is with the deepest sadness and sorrow that I report...
  6. skaukatt

    9mm pipe

    An adapter is available: https://www.cupojoes.com/9mm-to-non-filter-adapter/ https://www.tobaccopipes.com/vauen-9mm-adapter/ (Out of Stock but supply email for notification of restock)
  7. skaukatt

    Birthday wishes to Skaukatt and Dusty Roundup

    Happy Birthday, Dusty!
  8. skaukatt

    Mac Baren’s Capstan Blue Navy Cut Flake

    I too love this blend, one of my go to's.
  9. skaukatt

    Rolondo Negoita

    Amen, brother!
  10. skaukatt

    Channeling Pipe Dan again...

    Love it! Nice job and a nice nod to pipe history!
  11. skaukatt

    Folgers AromaSeal cans

    Ball or Mason jars will serve you better. This is the way to go.
  12. skaukatt

    Brand New Pix of My Smoking Lounge

    I don't mean to speak for him, and I consider him a friend, I have known Doc for years and years, but for a number of years now his focus has shifted to other interests. I don't believe he's completely sold off everything and I would imagine, occasionally enjoys a bowl or a cigar but he's sort...
  13. skaukatt

    Bic to light your pipe?

    If it matters to you, just take care not to scorch the rim of the bowl while lighting. That's why so called, "pipe" lighters have an angled flame.
  14. skaukatt

    A world turned upside down

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  15. skaukatt

    Bruce Weaver Pipes

    He's a master blaster!
  16. skaukatt

    unsmoked will purdy

    Great find! I have one Will Purdy, the famous finned Tadpole - Grade AX, what a pipe! I don't believe he's carving any longer so you have a rare pipe there that I know you will enjoy! Lou
  17. skaukatt

    1937 GBD Rhodesian (9239/9242?)

    It was an ebay purchase I saw this past summer.  I think you may have posted photos of this pipe on that Interesting Ebay pipes thread, I can't locate that thread at the moment.  It was a bit beat up and yours is in way better condition.  I had to send it to George for an issue that developed -...
  18. skaukatt

    1937 GBD Rhodesian (9239/9242?)

    That's a beauty, Al, great job on the restore! My 9239 is currently with George getting some work done. Can't wait!
  19. skaukatt

    I'm lost

    My deepest condolences to you and your family.