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  1. jefe1037

    Data on Stanwell pipes

    When someone replies to a thread that hasn’t been active in a very long time. Bonus points if Kyle or MonBla were in the thread
  2. jefe1037

    Be It Resolved…

    I resolve to play more golf with my dad this year
  3. jefe1037

    Data on Stanwell pipes

    I love a good zombie thread
  4. jefe1037

    Brick and Mortar Compendium

    Do we have an extensive list of b&m shops somewhere? My search doesn’t reveal too many. I am always looking for a stop to make on a road trip to break up the ride. Iwan Ries in Chicago was my home store for a while and it is legendary. I saw that Boswells has two locations. Is one better...
  5. jefe1037

    WHAT? How if this POSSIBLE?

    Yeah. I’m in on this too. Just ordered mine from electronic bay. Does anyone want to recommend some ink(s) so I can get started? I’ve got a couple weeks til it gets here
  6. jefe1037

    Lets Talk Boswell

    Zombie post! I responded to this originally over 10 years ago. Amazing to see these old names
  7. jefe1037

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Smoking some Drew estate “Meat Pie” in a new-to-me Peterson 999. Just finished a cob-full of Storm Front. It’s been a good day off
  8. jefe1037

    California laws

    It appears that “loose leaf tobacco” is excepted. I couldn’t find the exact wording. The “goal” of the laws is to keep young people from starting to use tobacco/nicotine vapes. I don’t hate that. That being said, the offer for a bandit run to anyone that can’t get what they want will always stand!
  9. jefe1037

    California laws

    Doing more reading: California is the 5th state to do so after Rhode Island, NY, NJ and Mass. Do we need to make a Smokey and the Bandit run with a truck full of Aromatics to the Northeast?
  10. jefe1037

    California laws

    The Supreme Court just upheld the flavored tobacco ban (targeting vapes but looping menthol cigarettes in as well). Does this effect pipe tobacco? If so, can you still buy from out of state? I’m 3,000 miles away, but I am curious!
  11. jefe1037

    Pipe Repair (and Perhaps Identification, too?)

    Those screw in shanks are brutal. I picked up a shoe-box lot that had a bunch like this. I reamed out what I could and got my polish on for the stems that were worth it. Out of the lot of 20, I got 2 good smokers. I am not a pipe snob by any means, but some of these old drug store brand pipes...
  12. jefe1037

    What Are You Reading?

    Lent to me by a friend. Looking forward to the read
  13. jefe1037


    Keep us updated
  14. jefe1037


    Couldn’t find a thread yet so here we go Great accurate pics in the post and more than honest descriptions: a smudge described as a scratch. Communicative on shipment and tracking number accurate. Would buy from again anytime.
  15. jefe1037

    Pipe For Sale SOLD Vuillard and Fe.Ro

    Arrived safe and sound. I will post to the bbb as well for the outstanding communication. Could be happier. The pics don’t do the grain on both pipes justice. And I love the Cumberland stem. I sanitized with some belle meade whiskey and I will sanitize my throat multiple times tonight as well as...
  16. jefe1037

    What's your drink for the night?

    A car bomb, a PBR, and a shot of Tequlla. Wish me luck, boys!
  17. jefe1037

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    MacBaren Navy flake in my trusty Pete bent billiard. (My first pipe)
  18. jefe1037

    Snuff vendors

    Mr. Snuff delivered! Figuratively and literally. Took a week for this to arrive
  19. jefe1037

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    You have some great looking pipes. I really like that Charatan!
  20. jefe1037

    How high is too high?

    There was a thread a long time ago in pipe techniques that had a sort of clay made from cigar ash (the corn cob primer, if I remember correctly) that can be used to raise the bottom a bit to prevent burnouts. Very helpful