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  1. Harlock999

    What are you smoking?

    Nightcap, in a 55. Earl Grey on the side.
  2. Harlock999

    It's Christmas

    Nice! Thanks Rob, Merry Christmas!
  3. Harlock999

    It's Christmas

    Merry Krimble!
  4. Harlock999

    serious collectors, roll call

    If you put time and effort into curating your collection so that it reflects your style and taste, then you are a serious collector, no matter how much or how little you spent. And that's nothing to be embarrassed or apologetic about.
  5. Harlock999

    Nothing too crazy, just a fun picture found on The Chive.

    Very nice. The unflappable cool of a gentleman.
  6. Harlock999

    Happy Halloween!

    Have a great one guys!
  7. Harlock999

    Joining up from the LBC

  8. Harlock999


    Hey, welcome!
  9. Harlock999

    Happy Birthday, DocWatson

    Extremely belated birthday wishes to you sir! Hope you had a great one!
  10. Harlock999

    Just got back from hiking in the woods with my new wife

    Man, that's a lot of outdoors to take in, even in pictures! Congrats on the great trip!
  11. Harlock999

    Changing my tune: crush on a gorgeous lady...

    She's a beaut Kyle, but I still prefer my head chomping ladies to be on the voluptuous side...
  12. Harlock999

    USMC Man Cave

    Wow, nice! I like the camera collection.
  13. Harlock999

    Hello to all

  14. Harlock999

    #@%$!& Ear Worms...

    Your Windsong stays on my mind...
  15. Harlock999


    Nailed that shape!
  16. Harlock999

    Are you happy now?

    Love the new look!