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  1. thomas james

    Major cookie monster score

    Those would be great with salami and cheese for the Super Bowl.
  2. thomas james

    Colibri Goes Out of Business

    I got tired of messing with fuel bottles and adjusting the flame. MATCHES are 100% reliable and consistent. I keep a pudding cup full of them to my right and the empty box to my left. Been trying to teach the Border Collie how to use them. Keeps dropping them. Gonna burn the house down. For...
  3. thomas james

    What Makes A Highgrade Expensive?

    Little white dots on stems seems to drive prices up. Also, price seems to correlate with how many "C's" a pipe has. Straight billiards, being inherently better, cost more. All I know bout it.
  4. thomas james

    A solid, no nonsense order.

    Does a seventy seven year old pipe smoke the same as a new pipe carved from a piece of briar that has been curing for seventy seven years? Oh No! Not this, again! My Yak PSPR&R'd Stanwell has neither brass nor paint. Should I shit can it?
  5. thomas james

    The Violinist in the Metro

    People stop and listen to the naked cowboy in New York play his guitar. Yak's point? People just don't know, today. Who was that masked man? I dunno, but, he left this silver bullet. Overture to William Tell? May 2007. Cow Pie said, "You guys gotta listen to THIS...
  6. thomas james

    The Violinist in the Metro

    We lived in Crescent City in 1978 1979. A musician was passing through between concerts and gave a performance,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a free performance, in the high school gymnasium. Thirty eight people showed up. Maynard Ferguson! I woulda stopped the trains for Joshua Bell/JSB. Had...
  7. thomas james

    Where Do You Get Aged Tins?

    JJPHOTO, What do you consider as "aged?" Give us some examples of what YOU are looking for. I'm sure it'll surface here on the board. The "best" strategy is to buy more than you can smoke. In no time, you'll have a cellar and be in lots of trouble like the rest of us. There is a lot of good...
  8. thomas james

    Aged Tobacco: "What's It Worth To Ya"?

    I made the #3 decision about five years ago. I systematically started building a cellar. Truth is; I do not have a sophisticated enough palate to justify really vintage stuff. I DO prefer my Va's with about three years of age and English/Balkans at about five years of age. I do tobacco...
  9. thomas james

    Amazing! And nobody was hurt?

    Amazing! And nobody was hurt? That's what SHE said.
  10. thomas james

    Keep us in your thoughts.

    LL makes an interesting point that I have long felt was valid; like since I graduated from college in 1973. The REAL value, to an employer, of a college degree is PROOF that you can set goals and achieve them. I majored in Computer Science and graduated right at the time that the Aerospace...
  11. thomas james

    My Humble Stash

    When I saw that Puffs made a post to The Photo Gallery, I couldn't get here fast enough. :evil:
  12. thomas james

    I have the feeling I've been hosed...

    Dogs don't know it's not bacon. Local police dept. gave a drug dog presentation to my Rotary Club once. The officer said, "Before I bring my dog in,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, if anybody's holdin,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,they should leave now." Judge DuTemple,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a known mj user, actually left.
  13. thomas james

    I have the feeling I've been hosed...

    PB sent some homemade peanut butter cookies for my May 2007 Smoker. Still out there.
  14. thomas james

    What are you listening to

    "Spiegel Im Spiegel" Arvo Part
  15. thomas james

    Hi from Alberta!

    Do you smoke Mixture 79 in a meerschaum lined full bent apple like my college American History Professor? Very first lecture, he said, "The "settlers" brought to America, Christianity, Art, Culture and syphilis." "Canadian Perspective?" They teach it is Manifest Destiny, up there? Just...
  16. thomas james

    Hi from Alberta!

    American Imperialism is a curriculum in Canada? Oh good! Pull up a soap box. Welcome.
  17. thomas james

    Musical analosity,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Operative words!
  18. thomas james

    Musical analosity,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Huggie Bear, I think you just came out.
  19. thomas james

    Musical analosity,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Why do MY threads turn to shit? Dot You!
  20. thomas james

    Musical analosity,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Careful what you dot, big boy!