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    Pipe Polishing Cloth

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone uses a polishing cloth to brighten up and shine your pipes. If so, what kind do you use. Just looking for a quick and easy way to shine up my pipes. Many thanks Greg
  2. G

    Amazon Pipes

    Hey all, anyone have any experience with the pipes that Amazon has for sale. Saw a couple of Churchwarden's by Obitis that look nice. But, looks can be deceiving. Your thoughts please Thanks so much Greg
  3. G

    Need Recommendation - Vanilla

    Hey all, can someone recommend a bulk Vanilla that tastes like vanilla Most of vanillas that I've tried don't really taste like vanilla or are too weak Many thanks Greg
  4. G

    Rattray's Grand Pipe Lighter

    Sure is. Thanks! Greg
  5. G

    Rattray's Grand Pipe Lighter

    Hey all, what can you tell me about this lighter, if you have one. Any good, reliable etc Thanks so much Greg
  6. G

    Gap Issue

    Thanks all for the great suggestions! Stay well Greg
  7. G

    Need Recommendation - Lighter

    Thanks guys! I've read some unflattering things about the Zippo insert. Is there any particular model/brand of Insert that you should stay away from Thanks again Greg
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    Need Recommendation - Lighter

    Hey all, say, I'm looking for a Flint & Butane lighter other than an Old Boy or Bic type Can't spend a lot. Something in that $50 range Thanks so much Greg
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    Gap Issue

    Hey all, I have a couple pipes were there is a gap between the shank and stem. How do you get a proper fit and eliminate the gap. The stem is orginal to the pipe Thanks for your help! Greg
  10. G

    Hello From North Dakota

    Hey all, new guy here. Very happy to be a part of this fine forum. Hoping to have some fine conversations and learning something new. Thanks again for having me Best Regards Greg