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  1. whitebriar

    Rathbone or Brett? Which episode?

    yeah, me too--Steve was a colonel and a bit more dignified..
  2. whitebriar

    Rathbone or Brett? Which episode?

    Blackhorse your avatar sir--i can't make up my mind--is that Terry. of 'Terry and the Pirates', or is it Steve Canyon?--i'm leaning toward Steve Canyon-- looks like as many years as i read those strips i should know at a glance, but time is playing one of it's little tricks i suppose--
  3. whitebriar

    Rathbone or Brett? Which episode?

    i too as raised on Rathbone--he was 'the' Holmes until i saw Brett---i'm 75, but i never looked back after the Grenada series-- i believe it is because they stuck very closely to the written word in the Grenada stories-- also, Brett is just quirky enough to pin Holmes down :D
  4. whitebriar

    Rathbone or Brett? Which episode?

    since having seen J. Brett as Mr. Holmes, i can no longer picture anyone else in the role--he nailed the Holmes persona-- i don't think i'd like Brett very much, or really Sherlock Holmes for that matter, as drinking companions, but i have always liked Watson--Edward Hardwicke (i believe that...
  5. whitebriar

    Year certain blends were introduced

    Thank you sir....sounds like an easy way..i hadn't paid close enough attention to TR to realize all the info one can find there
  6. whitebriar

    Year certain blends were introduced

    Was wondering when ;;(year) Big n Burley Bayou Night Old Joe Krantz Were introduced .. Do they make the cutoff date for remaining on the market if the proposed legislation is in fact enacted?
  7. whitebriar

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    been experimenting with mixing a new shipment of OJK and Big n Burley--bout got it worked out now--but in an hour or two plan to sit on a ''cool'' (finally) balcony and enjoy a bowl of 7 year old OJK --haven't decided on pipe yet--that's usually a last second decision--
  8. whitebriar

    What Are You Reading?

    just beginning--25 pages into---TIME and NAVIGATION: Johnston, Connor, Stephens and Ceruzzi
  9. whitebriar

    Daughters & Ryan Picayune (aka D&R)

    Never tried it..had a preacher years ago who chain smoked the cigs..think I'll try it..is it in bulk..I like perique, so it might be ok for me..I just gotta remind myself to just get a couple ounces and not get greedy..
  10. whitebriar

    Lost the Love for Latakia

    Couldn't tolerate it for many years., gave headache..past few yrs I can use it, but light blends and moderation..Morley's Best I can handle, but I tend to mix MB and Haunted Bookshop equally and it seems to agree with my tastes much better..adds a bit of sweetness without being anywhere near an Aro
  11. whitebriar

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    My own MIX in stanwell rhodesian army mount..
  12. whitebriar

    Picking a Pipe Shape

    These days I mostly choose bents of varying degrees..since my once slim torso has become "less slim", I tend to pick pipes that are a bit more massive..bulldogs seem to be my first choice.. In that I use moderately inexpensive pipes, I tend to depend less on perfect workmanship, altho that is...
  13. whitebriar

    John Patton's Storm Front question

    I like Storm Front a lot..but for some reason I just I just can't detect any cigar leaf...is it pretty well subdued or has all that time in Asia ruined my taste buds?..
  14. whitebriar

    What is Your Holy Grail Blend, and Why?

    Old Joe Krantz...really cant explain why except that it fills my need...it seems to be my 'Grail Blend'.....
  15. whitebriar

    Your VaPer and Perique blend Recommendations

    Its a bur/va/per, not a true vaper, but if you can tolerate burley and really like perique, then try Old Joe Krantz....another perique blend is Bayou Nights..both are really decent...I do find that aging them for a while smoothes the edges..
  16. whitebriar

    C&D Big and Burley #103

    fresh blends of both can be rather 'alarming'--but still good --order enough of both to glass a half pound in cache--i'm smoking now out of some of each that is over six years old--both are smoother, milder and actually sweeter-- i believe BnB is still the stronger flavor, while OJK retains the...
  17. whitebriar

    Actors who played Holmes/Watson..were they actual pipers?

    i feel they must have been--their handling of the pipe was pretty natural--if someone pretends at being a pipe smoker they usually come across as rather stiff and it just doesn't ring true
  18. whitebriar

    New Sherlock movie starring Gandalf...

    my vote goes to Ms. Mirren--
  19. whitebriar

    Favorite Sherlock Holmes Quote

    //idlefellow wrote: ...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.//end quote// that one must be my favorite--i use it all the time and it drives my wife to distraction
  20. whitebriar

    New Sherlock movie starring Gandalf...

    Brett was the living image of how i have always pictured Holmes