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  1. JimPM

    New guy from Connecticut

    Welcome from Ohio. Long time cigar smoker also but have migrated more so to my pipes in my senior years, ha ha ha. 60 here and it's beginning to suck!
  2. JimPM

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    About to set into some of John Patton's Dark & Stormy in my craggy, gnarled Peterson Donegal Rocky XL102
  3. JimPM

    Whole leaf Virginias

    There are also a couple of books by Robert Goff that I previously downloaded from the internet that cover making your own mixtures. They have lots of scripted recipes, tips and advice. Use these FairTrade Tobacco site links else you have to pay for them @ Amazon...
  4. JimPM

    Late in life changes

    I've got about five more years to work. It's just my wife and I now in a huge house that once held the extended family. It's really too much and is definitely more than we need. Heck there are rooms that are never used or entered into now that our daughters are grown and gone. And all the yard...
  5. JimPM

    Just joined up

    Hello & welcome from SW Ohio
  6. JimPM

    Whole leaf Virginias

    Check out Emerson Southern Forged on YouTube. He did a whole video on buying bulk leaf and shredding. He uses a low cost manual shredder @ $40. Thought about doing it a couple times. PS: Fellow member of the IPSL, great group!
  7. JimPM

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Closing Saturday evening down with Fire Storm in a fire red cob. Dang, Russ O has a talent for concocting tasty Vapers. Fly out early tomorrow to LA. If anyone knows of a good pipe shop in the Santa Ana area, please pass that along would you. Thanks!
  8. JimPM


    Ha ha, well I'll respect that difference of opinion my friend.
  9. JimPM


    Well yeah, I guess that kind of hits my sentiments too. The Original I gave like 2.5 Pipe rating @ okay but not stellar. The rest I do not care for.
  10. JimPM

    RIP Gordon Lightfoot

    A great songwriter indeed. Sundown is such a wonderful moving tune from my yesteryears. Love to sing and play it on my guitar. A true loss. RIP
  11. JimPM

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    One of my preferred, that good Old Gowrie, in a no-name estate Italian nose-warmer. Bowl dimensions are great for VAs.
  12. JimPM


    SWR, Carter Hall, Prince Albert, Mixture 79, Half & Half yes. Granger, Velvet, any Borkum Riffs no thanks. To each his own, however.
  13. JimPM

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Pulled out the old Black XX as I haven't enjoyed it in a while. Still the Terminator of pipe blends. Burning it in my new Patriot cob.
  14. JimPM

    Brick and Mortar Compendium

    One of the best is Paul's Pipe Shop in Flint. MI. That place is an institution to pipe smoking, even have a museum. Great original blends and LOTS of assortments of tobaccos and pipes including their own brand Cayuga. Paul's Pipe Shop and Pipe Hospital | Home of the Cayuga Pipe | Flint...
  15. JimPM

    What Are Your Top Ten Tobaccos?

    This was tough but I think I'm good with these: Solani Aged Burley Flake Wessex Burley Slice SPC Plum Pudding PS English Oriental Supreme CS Bag End Rattray Hal Of The Wynd Capstan Blue PS Luxury Navy Flake CS Old Toby Mac Baren Mixture – Scottish Blend
  16. JimPM

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Feeling the pleasing bite of the Louisiana wolf with a gnarly bowl of Rouxgaroux. And yes, I just bought more today!
  17. JimPM

    Boswell Tobaccos

    Boswells is one of the better providers of quality aromatics and some nicer English blends. Northwoods, Countryside and Railroad Station on the English. As for the aros, my picks are Cupcake and No Bite Delite.
  18. JimPM

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Got the Friday Savinelli handy. Opting for a bowl of Sutliff's Big Ben (knock-off of the old London Mixture) from a collection of sample English. Nice blend actually
  19. JimPM

    The Great Best of the Best of the Best Aromatic Project

    I have smoked and reviewed just a ton of aromatics and still am. it's my Friday thing . Here is my list of top 20 blends based upon my sampling for consideration: BLENDER PRODUCT Country Squire Old Toby Mac Baren Scottish Mixture Paul’s Pipe Shop Arrowhead Country Squire Second...