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  1. davedyer

    What Are Your Top Ten Tobaccos?

    Haddo's Delight GLP Westminster Orlik Golden Slice Hal O' the Wynd Red Rapparee Presbyterian Old Gowrie Skiff Mixture Solani Aged Burley Flake GLP Union Square
  2. davedyer

    What was your worst ever smoking pipe?

    A large Butz Choquin cobra. It had beautiful grain(stunning actually), fine color, felt wonderful in the hand, impressive shape, and smoked hot, hot, hot, and wet, wet, wet. That evil monster provided a disgusting experience with any tobacco; any time of the day or night.
  3. davedyer

    Dunhill tobacco history

    THANKS daveinlax! That's the stuff. The internet archive is a wonderful source for all kinds of goodies, but i didn't think of looking there. May all your descendants be wonderfully blessed down to the 7th generation. Hoping all your smokes are cool, sweet and serene, please believe me to be...
  4. davedyer

    Dunhill tobacco history

    Thanks for the quick update monbla 256. I suspected it might be the case that Mr. Loring had passed away. I think I visited his site some years ago - a wealth of info indeed. Maybe should have copied and pasted all that valuable stuff. Just like I should have bought every tin of the real Balkan...
  5. davedyer

    Dunhill tobacco history

    I've been attempting to read some things about the history of the justly renowned Dunhill tobaccos but have been hitting a blank wall. For example, monbla256 provided the following link for information posted on the Loring web pages. http://loringpage.com/pipearticles/duntob1.htm...