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  1. Rob_In_MO

    Clean your pipes!

    Hey - it was worth a try.
  2. Rob_In_MO

    New iPhone on the way.

    Up until this spring, I still had a 6s. lol
  3. Rob_In_MO

    Pulling a drive-by

    I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d say Hello.
  4. Rob_In_MO

    What are you smokin'?

    Puffing on a Macanudo Inspirado White Label Robusto.
  5. Rob_In_MO


    It's all good, that was just way too good for me to pass on. I knew I'd get at least one person here going. :giggle: The above post coming from a guy who mostly smokes Lane bulk blends, plus the occasional Dan Tobacco blends and a little EMP.
  6. Rob_In_MO

    PAD from last week

    Might need a helping hand from the Brother (and Sisters) here after I'm homeless. ;) But at least I'll have a couple of good pipes to smoke. :cool:
  7. Rob_In_MO


    It’s your faults. Yes, you guys - gotta have your name brand, high end, custom cut, rare vintage, and imported tobaccos. If you bunch of old codgers would’ve stuck with your ‘old codger’ blends, they would’ve sold more and would still be selling a ton of CH. :ROFLMAO:
  8. Rob_In_MO


    A sad day indeed!
  9. Rob_In_MO

    A Blast From My Past

    Sounds good to me!
  10. Rob_In_MO


    I got a Peterson Dublin from Brunello. Great pipe at a fantastic price! The pipe was very well packed, shipping was included in the price, and it arrived very quickly!
  11. Rob_In_MO

    First try at Shrimp Creole

    Looks great!
  12. Rob_In_MO

    Brigham POTY 2020

    That is a great looking pipe!
  13. Rob_In_MO

    PAD from last week

    I went overboard and ended up with a very nice haul! First: a beautiful Peterson from user Brunello. It's a great smoker, and you can be sure that any of the pipes he sells will be very well packed and arrive quickly. And it's a great smoker too! Second: an eBay score, Karl Erik Knute...
  14. Rob_In_MO

    A Demise of Aromatics?

    I’d better start stocking up on Lane’s RLP-6.
  15. Rob_In_MO

    An Analysis of Pipe Filters

    Of those I have tried, I prefer the Savinelli balsa filters over the others. Though I don’t use one, if I had to it would definitely be the balsa inserts.
  16. Rob_In_MO


    I'll do a proper write-up in a day or 2, but I received a pipe from Ron on Saturday evening. A beautiful bent bulldog. Didn't get around to smoking it until this evening due to being sick. The craftsmanship is second to none, and it 100% smokes like a dream. I'll definitely be doing more...
  17. Rob_In_MO

    Checking In

    Good to see you on here again!
  18. Rob_In_MO

    A few in today

    Fantastic haul!
  19. Rob_In_MO

    Analog! Oh Yeah

    Let me know how it works out, I'm very interested in one as well.
  20. Rob_In_MO

    It's been a minute

    Welcome back!