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  1. alex

    Anyone use a pipe lighter insert for a Zippo?

    I've only tried the Zippo brand - but the Zippo with a pipe insert has become a favorite. If I travel I may not cary anything but. I've found carrying it in a small mylar zip when I pack it helps it keep a fill.
  2. alex

    What Are You Reading?

    OMG - you're going to make me access my memory! Funny I remember the ending of the book very clearly but the movie not so much - I'm getting those rotating circular arrows right now trying to match them up. Seems like I do remember the story wasn't nearly finished.
  3. alex

    Smoking attire

    Don't really wear an old fashioned smoking jacket, but do wear a red Patagonia quarter zip fleece if it's cool enough, or a long sleeve T or jersey I can discard afterwards if it's too warm. So I do sort of go with the idea behind a smoking jacket as much as possible.
  4. alex

    What Are You Reading?

    will the 2nd film be the 2nd book? I have that shelved but not read - it may be time to open it!
  5. alex

    Your method of fishing?

    Ocean, from the bank. Usually small stuff like flounder & spot. Sometimes inlet fishing for drum. When I was in my 20s it was King and shark. Some crazy times with sharks.
  6. alex

    Smoke Rings from Carolina

    Welcome from North Carolina! What part do you take in the music? Guitar? Vocals? I’m a D28 guy - so I enjoy it too! Though sounds like you have a lot more experience
  7. alex

    Sorry to bore you guys but I'm sooooo bored.

    Been there too. I resorted to reading intentionally difficult books that required a spark note pairing. Like Ulysses, and The Sound and Fury. There’s no zipping through many without re-reading and a bit of contemplation.
  8. alex

    Gap Issue

  9. alex

    Gap Issue

    Hard to say without seeing it. On the ones I’ve carved I put a slight countersink on the mortise with that concern in mind. Of course Zeno could be right, hard to imagine leaving tenon too long.
  10. alex

    Thoughts on Rattrays Ahoy?

    Only online. Smokingpipes and tobaccopipes are good about returns if you don’t smoke them.
  11. alex

    Anyone use a pipe lighter insert for a Zippo?

    I use one, my lighter of choice is/was a Corona Old Boy. But any breeze is too much for it. Then I tried a Zippo pipe lighter insert - it's great in breezy weather. And, as a matter of fact, it has become maybe as preferred as the Old Boy. It's just so easy to use. I initially had the opinion...
  12. alex

    Peterson pipe quality

    You shouldn't need to sand it, try a wet toothbrush (I've even trimmed a few down to fit better). Bowl coating comes out really easy. Sounds like you might uncover something interesting. I once did this on a Vauen to find an ingrained pebble.
  13. alex

    Peterson pipe quality

    I would remove the coating too. I've seen bad drilling hidden with a blob of coating before. If it looks good but there's roughness from the drilling - or if it's less than perfectly glass smooth, I would coat it again.
  14. alex

    Need advice on hairline crack

    Beautiful pipe! Enjoy! Glad they worked with you, they've always been great for me too
  15. alex

    Tins You Won’t Open?

    It might pass - for me it did not, I stopped smoking Lat blends 4 or 5 years ago. Even tried to go back to them - just can't
  16. alex

    Dunhill Tobacco Jars

    These are small - 4.5" tall or so, and they're not Nightcap - but they are Dunhill Rare Pair Of Dunhill Mini “My Mixture” Porcelain Tobacco Jar/Humidor Candles | eBay
  17. alex

    Tins You Won’t Open?

    I just finished off a 2017 Carolina Red Flake!
  18. alex

    What Are You Reading?

    Just finished Project Hail Mary fireside with my Biggazz Ardor
  19. alex

    Return or ignore?

    I think I’m coming around with everyone else. If I had not smoked it I would return it
  20. alex

    Binge-worthy TV shows?

    Did anyone mention ‘The Old Man?’