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  1. Hermit

    How do you all take your coffee?

    I make it pretty strong and like a little Half 'n Half in it. If I'm at a restaurant, I'll take it black. I grind, but not roast. My favorite is Community Dark Roast Whole Bean.
  2. Hermit

    Hello from Covington, Louisiana

    Welcome neighbor. 🐊
  3. Hermit

    What do you smoke while fishing?

    Cigars. ;)
  4. Hermit

    Dating tobacco tins

    Cool. I have a few tins from 2009.
  5. Hermit

    Your method of fishing?

    It's been a few years, but I preferred a spear gun.
  6. Hermit

    Non vaccination costs tennis star $4.4 million!

    He's not allowed in the country. He should sneak in from Mexico; nobody cares if they're vaxed.
  7. Hermit

    Non vaccination costs tennis star $4.4 million!

    DHS denies vaccine waiver for Novak Djokovic; senators implore Biden to intervene; Indian Wells and Miami Open on the line This is insane. At this point, are they really gonna keep Novak out of the country?
  8. Hermit

    Pipes that leak - Can anything be done?

    Saw the thread title and wondered if you needed a plumber. ;)
  9. Hermit

    What are they putting in C&D tobacco?

    They use the same Perique that everyone else does. It all comes from the same place. (Twenty minutes from my house.)
  10. Hermit

    What are they putting in C&D tobacco?

    Most of my favorite blends are C&D and GLP. I've never experienced anything like what was described in the OP.
  11. Hermit

    Broken Pipes

    I'm relieved, upon opening this thread, that we haven't lost anyone. When I break a tenon, I send it to Mark Tinsky for repair.
  12. Hermit

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    I smoked a few of my favorite pipes with my favorite blends. I also smoked this... I've had it for over fifteen years. Thought I'd smoke it for my seventieth birthday. ;) (Also, I smoked both of my "Birthyear" Dunhills.)
  13. Hermit

    Hello from Louisiana

    Welcome neighbor. 🐊
  14. Hermit

    Winter pipe smoking

    It just got cool enough here to run my window fan all day. I can smoke my ass off all winter. ;) In the summer, I can't open the window 'til after sunset or later.
  15. Hermit

    Social Security checks go up 8.7% in January!

    Gee, that's terrific...it will come somewhat close to keeping up with inflation. (But not quite)
  16. Hermit

    Do any of you still listen to a radio? (Let me know if you don't know what a radio is. :) )

    Just finished cutting my grass. I was listening to Clay and Buck on iHeart radio. I listen to Walton & Johnson and Glenn Beck while I walk the dog. (on AirPods of course.) Damn, I miss Rush!
  17. Hermit

    Cutting my own hairs...yup, all of ‘em!

    I haven't paid for a haircut since the 70s. When I had a full head of hair my wife cut it. When it got thin, I started buzzing it. When a bald spot appeared, I started shaving. If I had a choice, I'd rather the rest of it fell out rather than grow back.
  18. Hermit

    Manufacturing or customizing canes and/or staffs?

    I bought a couple from Canemasters.com It's a formidable weapon that you can carry anywhere.
  19. Hermit

    What breed dog do you have?

    As we've gotten older we progressively downsized our dogs. We had a Bouvier DeFlandres, Irish Wolfhound, Standard Poodle... Currently, we have a ten pound Havanese...more fun than a barrel of monkeys. :)