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  1. ftrplt

    Aromatic burley blends

    Work your way thru the Boswell, Smoking Pipes, and Pipes&Cigars websites. J.M. Boswell has quite a few that might tickle your fancy!! I can't recommend any particular ones as I don't "do" aromatics other than Bob's Chocolate Flake and The Kendall mayor's Chocolate Flake. Good luck with your...
  2. ftrplt

    The Book of Pipes and Tobacco, by Carl Ehwa Jr.

    Several of these books/pamphlets are on eBay at the moment; most are "Buy It Now."
  3. ftrplt

    Jim's Comic Book Interview, Sept. 19.

    Can't wait to see you!!!!!!! FTRPLT
  4. ftrplt

    The Smoker, Mel Feldman

    It's easy to spot Michael's eBay sales ads by the above referenced writing style! If by style you mean the longest single run-on sentence paragraph known to man!!!! Hilarious!! FTRPLT
  5. ftrplt

    Searching for a "lost" pipe

    Dang, I'll bet you would!!!! What a beauty!!!! Good luck!! FTRPLT
  6. ftrplt

    Sitting in a Safeway parking lot…

    Blindly following any GPS driving (or flying or boating) instructions may lead to unwanted outcomes. I learned long ago when using the old Garmin boxes to carefully read the set-up instructions. You can tell the system to take the fastest route, or the shortest route, or no tollways for example...
  7. ftrplt

    Jim, you dog!

    Here's my 1998!! Mine does have a F/T bit! FTRPLT
  8. ftrplt

    Jim, you dog!

    I've enjoyed this particular thread for no other reason than I too have a 1998 (so says SPs!) SH Baskerville Terracotta. Comparing mine to the two pics Brother Jim shows, my bowl is a bit taller than his. However, I also note that Jim's are slightly different in cut. Note the bead line...
  9. ftrplt

    Bourbon, Irish Whiskey or Scotch?

    Finished an old bottle of 18-year old Caol ILa earlier this year. The current price hurts my head!!!! FTRPLT
  10. ftrplt

    Bourbon, Irish Whiskey or Scotch?

    Rye, single-malt Scotch, and most any Irish for me. Don't do much Bourbon; although a bit of any of the Makers' Mark blends are OK. I do enjoy several of the American single malt whiskey's: "Stranahan's" for example is excellent!! FTRPLT
  11. ftrplt

    Hoping for some help identifying these new finds!

    Well, you already know the top one is an Alpha from Israel. The bottom two appear to be made by the same carver. The stems appear to be identical. Both pipes are, IMHO, a couple of "basket pipe" junkers! They may smoke just fine: you'll have to let us know! JMHO, FTRPLT
  12. ftrplt

    And Suggestion for Blends with Black Sea Sokhoum?

    One of the McClelland's Grand Oriental series has Sokhoum in it. It's on Pipestud's site this morning. I think it went for $75/50gm. tin! FTRPLT
  13. ftrplt

    Whats the oldest tobacco you have smoked and was it worth it??

    Carlos, at least in the mid 1960's and just a bit later, DH Standard Mixture Full was my "go to" tobacco along with BS 759. I don't know when DH/Murrays stopped blending the "Full." And like you, I have never seen one since!! I've watched eBay (back when tobacco could be sold there), other...
  14. ftrplt

    Whats the oldest tobacco you have smoked and was it worth it??

    I still have about 4-5 ozs. of the original (i.e., pre-1974) Larus Bros. Edgeworth Sliced. Grand tobacco!! FTRPLT
  15. ftrplt

    Thoughts on low aged Tobacco and Pricing???

    Not what I meant. There is a definite taste difference for Ginnyweeds & their blends. I just meant I wasn't into paying the princely sums being asked for them!! FWIW, I have 'baccy going back 25+ years! My stacks of older Ginnyweeds & blends have so much "bulge" I have to carefully stack them...
  16. ftrplt

    Pipe Wanted Peterson Hopkins

    The 2012 date says it all!!!! FTRPLT
  17. ftrplt

    Thoughts on low aged Tobacco and Pricing???

    I haven't "fallen" for the aged tobacco bit (really only applies to Ginnyweeds and blends containing Ginnyweeds). I admit to going on a crusade for certain "unobtaniums." But even there, I had my limits on $$$ spent. That said, I get a true "kick" out of Steve Fallons "Pipe Stud" sales on most...
  18. ftrplt

    The Book of Pipes and Tobacco, by Carl Ehwa Jr.

    Had mine for eons. Grand reading with superb illustrations. Thanks for reminding me I haven't "revisited" this tome in a while!! FTRPLT
  19. ftrplt

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    A nice evening smoke with 2008 "And So To Bed" in a great big ol' Alberto Bonfiglioli half-bent Trumpet shaped blast. Grand pipe!! FTRPLT
  20. ftrplt

    Jim's C&D Steamworks Small Batch Review.

    I truly do not appreciate these threads that totally tempt me with more pipe tobacco that I must try!! My inability to resist any form of temptation is well-documented and a matter of record!! Now I must schedule more appointments with my therapist. But not before I look for...now where did I...