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  1. RSteve

    I want some recognition!

  2. RSteve

    Sutliff Voodoo Queen

    At SmokingPipes, one of the funniest reviews I've ever read on a vendor's website.
  3. RSteve

    What's your favorite coffee?

    I found that the pour over method didn't extract enough of the coffee essence. Instead, I heat the water, put the freshly ground coffee in a metal cup, pour in the heated water and stir for about a minute, then pour through the chemex filter into the decanter. Essentially, I get a French press...
  4. RSteve

    Sutliff Voodoo Queen

    Currently on sale at SmokingPipes.com
  5. RSteve

    1st day of class....

    Use the face shield with a Shure WL930mni subminiature lavalier microphone taped or velcroed to the inside of the shield.
  6. RSteve

    Aromatic Question

    Day #2: I'd packed the blend quite tightly in a canister, hand pressing it as firmly as I was able. When I opened the canister this morning, I expected to get a solid whiff of latakia, but to my surprise there was barely a scant scent of the blend's 50% latakia. I smoked another bowl in a Mark...
  7. RSteve

    A bit of history

    You are incredibly fortunate! I lost my mother 66 years ago in December, my father 56 years ago in May; never had parents past my teens.
  8. RSteve

    Aromatic Question

    The four components, above, arrived this morning. I didn't chicken out and immediately mixed them with 8 oz.of Peter Stokkebye 310 black latakia. I've smoked one bowl in a cob. It's interesting. I really thought the latakia would be more dominant. The blend is very mild with absolutely no tongue...
  9. RSteve

    About done with this one

    I prefer the large bowl Mark Twain with an acrylic replacement stem. Bought these on Ebay. I did have to do some filing/sanding for fit. 5 acrylic stems There are much cheaper acrylic stems, similarly shaped but all black from China, also on Ebay.
  10. RSteve

    How Much Is Too Much?

    If you were to sell some of that stash, you might discover some extra jingle in your jeans.
  11. RSteve

    Having A Cup of Tea

    Has anyone had experience with Mark T. Wendell or Grace Tea Company or The English Tea Store ? I just saw this at The English Tea Store. $15.19 lb. seems unbelievably cheap. The reviews are mostly favorable. Sunday am, placed an order at The English Tea Store, $21.14 shipped for one pound of...
  12. RSteve

    About done with this one

    How about some Titebond Premium wood glue and an overnight clamping? Because it's unfinished, I assume you bought it here? Aristocob
  13. RSteve

    Having A Cup of Tea

    Every morning I make a 14 oz cup of French press or moka pot dark roast coffee. The blend name varies, but I often buy Lavazza brand at Costco Business Center, usually about $10.00 for 2.2 lbs.of whole bean. Recommended coffee scoops for my travel cup, about 2, but I use four. During the day, I...
  14. RSteve

    Buyer's Remorse

    Orb Weaver D is my hero.
  15. RSteve

    How Much Is Too Much?

    My father had seven siblings. Only one lived to be 80 and she made it to 97, but from 88 forward was in a memory care nursing unit. My mother had five siblings and none made it to 80. I'm several years older than the age at death of all my grandparents. In my possession, I have more tobacco and...
  16. RSteve

    Drugstore suggestions?

    I, perhaps, began with the erroneous assumption that one begins to explore drugstore brands as a means to economize. My prior post(s) basically pointed out that drugstore brands rarely, if ever, save you money. For many years my brother only smoked the original iteration of Amphora. When asked...
  17. RSteve

    Why I Rarely Ever Review Pipe Tobacco

    Many years ago, I wrote a review of a house brand cigar that I'd purchased at a major internet vendor. The review appeared on the vendor's website on the cigar's sales page. Within the first minute of smoking the cigar, I knew that it was identical to the maker's branded and much higher priced...
  18. RSteve

    Has Anyone Used Pipe Tobacco..........

    It sounds very workable. I'll start with a lever machine and go from there. Thank you for the information and kind words.
  19. RSteve

    What do you drive?

    MN winters and my residential street that flows into a cul-de-sac; plowed twice last year. 2017 Subaru 4WD Legacy sedan. I'll hopefully drive it for five more years, then buy a 2025 total electric vehicle. I'll be over 80 and if still driving, won't be doing any long distance driving.
  20. RSteve

    Jim's Amphora English Review.

    $4.23 oz...$7.40 for a 1.75 oz. pouch. Would this be considered a drugstore blend?Amphora English