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  1. Brewdude

    I want some recognition!

    Happy birdy Con! 🍾 Cheers, RR
  2. Brewdude

    What Are You Reading?

    :cool: Cheers, RR
  3. Brewdude

    A bit of history

    Ee, that's champion lad. :) Cheers, RR
  4. Brewdude

    The welcome wagon

    Hey there Ranger from a fellow zoni. Cheers, RR
  5. Brewdude

    A bit of history

    What a great keepsake your da has guvnor. Can you post a pic of it as well? Cheers, RR
  6. Brewdude

    What movie are you watching?

    Not to worry mate. Your tastes are your tastes and mine are mine. Jolly good to know you approved of Nicholson's performance. He really comes across as a man possessed! :eek: Cheers, RR
  7. Brewdude

    What movie are you watching?

    Pity you didn't enjoy it squire. I find it's one of my go-to movies and I'll watch it at least once/yr. One of Nicholson's finest IMHO. Cheers, RR
  8. Brewdude

    What Are You Reading?

    Great story but the ending kind of sucked. Cheers, RR
  9. Brewdude

    New Look, New Presentation

    Glad to see you again DJ. Cheers, RR
  10. Brewdude

    New look for BoB?

    Great to have you back with us Bob! Cheers, RR
  11. Brewdude

    Greetings from Eastern North Carolina

    Pleased to meetcha Hal. Cheers, RR
  12. Brewdude

    New look for BoB?

    It's a great shame to lose you Ron and I hope you will reconsider. Your pipes and craftsmanship have been Numero Uno for many of us here. Your loss will be lamented. Whether we like it or not sometimes things change. But I understand your POV. Cheers, RR
  13. Brewdude

    What movie are you watching?

    Just started this box set of the 32 episodes of season one. I first saw the series when it came out in '63 and some of the episodes were lost on me due to their nature and my age (11). Still, I remember there were suspenseful moments and enjoyed the horror themed ones the best. Re-watching...
  14. Brewdude

    What Are You Reading?

    :cool: Cheers, RR
  15. Brewdude

    New (and addicting) Hobby

    Very creative work. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, RR
  16. Brewdude

    Good morning, gentlemen.

    Welcome aboard matey! Cheers, RR
  17. Brewdude


    Welcome to BoB Stephen. Cheers, RR
  18. Brewdude

    Some new knives...

    Good to see you here Walt. Cheers, RR
  19. Brewdude

    Encouraging registration as members

    We're working on getting stickies back Steve. It's a process. Cheers, RR
  20. Brewdude


    Good to know you're still alive and kicking Jev. Cheers, RR