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  1. RonA3597

    My home town

    It's now acceptable in the US to gun down children and nothing happens. It's not going to stop.
  2. RonA3597

    Spinal Implant.

    Peeb, Hoping for success today and a speedy, smooth recovery.
  3. RonA3597

    Happy Heritage Day

    Boerewors on the braai before a Blue Bulls game - a favorite memory. Happy Heritage Day to you and yours!
  4. RonA3597

    Under the knife

    BD, I wish you a smooth, speedy recovery.
  5. RonA3597

    Pipe #12 Finally something acceptable!

    A good looking pipe!
  6. RonA3597

    11th Pipe - Bull Moose / Apple? NO! an AUTHOR Redone

    A good looking pipe. You done good!
  7. RonA3597

    Thought I would use some Deer Antler

    Great looking pipe!
  8. RonA3597

    My Anthology Award Nomination

    Congratulations! :cheers:
  9. RonA3597

    Test Results

    Excellent news! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
  10. RonA3597

    Driving to Alaska

    Everyone I've talked with said do not drive at night, that you can't see a moose until it's coming up on the hood.
  11. RonA3597

    Back Home

    Great news! There's not much better than getting out of a hospital to go home. Take good care of YOU!
  12. RonA3597

    Got My Results Back

    Excellent news, indeed!
  13. RonA3597

    Happy Birthday Puff Daddy!

    Happy Belated Birthday!
  14. RonA3597

    Driving to Alaska

    Thanks for the input. I have the Mile Post in hand, first thing I bought after my buddy said he would make the trip. Next to check my car and health insurance policies.
  15. RonA3597

    Driving to Alaska

    I've wanted to drive to Alsaka since I was a kid and read about the military building the Al-Can Highway during WW II. Well, time, money, and a buddy to share the drive have come together and we'll leave Atlanta in mid-May, plan to be back mid-June. Has anyone made the drive? I'm asking...
  16. RonA3597

    Car Accident Last Night

    A lot of good advice provided. I'm glad it was no worse for you & hope you have no further health issues. Take care of YOU!
  17. RonA3597

    Happy Halloween

    Most excellent!  :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
  18. RonA3597

    I'm not back, so shut up.

    Kyle, welcome back, uhm, or not. Meh.
  19. RonA3597

    Wide dress shoes

    Florsheim + 1
  20. RonA3597

    Opry star 'Stringbean' Akeman's killer gets parole

    They should have fried both of them, MHO.