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  1. motie2

    Refilling your lighter with butane

    (ORIGINAL URL NO LONGER VALID ) Here are some quick tips to repairing butane lighters and flint lighters that are not working or sparking. These suggestions work about 95% of the time. If they...
  2. motie2

    Boswell Tobaccos

    My Secret Santa brought me 2 oz. each of Boswell’s Best, Piper’s. Pleasure, Honey Roast, and Christmas Cookie. All four are excellent. Boswell’s aromatics are more like certain European aros; Rattray’s for example.
  3. motie2

    Lets Talk Boswell

    My Secret Santa gifted me four two ounce pouches of Boswell’s aromatics: Boswell’s Best, Piper’s Pleasure, Honey Roast,and Christmas Cookie. The latter two are excellent by themselves, but I prefer the first two mixed 50/50. Best is a Virginia blend; Pleasure is is a Burley blend. Mix’em for...
  4. motie2

    Letter by Holmes?

    This century-old letter fragment is part of the Indiana University's Lilly LIbrary's collection of Sherlockiana:
  5. motie2

    What blends to give someone who wants to try Pipe Smoking?

    Friends do not let friends smoke Mixture #79
  6. motie2

    What blends to give someone who wants to try Pipe Smoking?

    S’okay. I do it, too. All-the-time. Sometimes I get congratulative mail for resurrecting a thread.
  7. motie2

    Has anyone tried the new Sutliff Moroccan Spice?

    Sounds (perhaps) similar to the HU product reviewed by JimInks Could someone offer a review?
  8. motie2

    Sasquatch Video

    What do you mean, “They don’t wear clothes.”
  9. motie2

    See what happens?!?!

  10. motie2

    Am I 'old school' and, if so, is that a bad thing?

    Total agreement on cellphones. I carried a Samsung Convoy flip phone for almost a decade. Charged it once or twice a week. Now, I have a freakin’ iPhone….. nuff said. I hate it.
  11. motie2


  12. motie2


    Probably not, but who knows? Meanwhile, might I interest you in some “Tobacco Caramel Buttermilk Soap?”
  13. motie2

    Pipe smokers handbook

    Here are some publications, attached, which may interest you.....
  14. motie2


    I tried the H&H Egg Nog pipe tobacco. Very nice; a Christmas-spice type blend. But when someone asks, "What are you smoking?" how do you answer "Egg Nog" with a straight face?
  15. motie2

    Desert Island Smokes...

    I have long enjoyed ressurrecting old threads…….
  16. motie2

    Jim's P&W 515 Review

    Thank you, sir.
  17. motie2

    I just got the last of Cousin's Woodmere

    My greatest pipe smoking regret is that I have not been able to determine what present day Cousin's aromatic blend corresponds to the Cousin's Aromatic Blend, that came jn a black and white labeled "paint can," the kind with a sliding opener. I used to buy it at Cousin's old shop on St. Clair in...
  18. motie2

    Question on cellaring.....

    Rule of thumb is that aromatic blends don't "age" the way English blends can.
  19. motie2

    What blends to give someone who wants to try Pipe Smoking?

    Sutliff Private Stock Molto Dolce. Training wheels for pipe smoking. No bite and almost no tobacco taste. It is, however, quite enjoyable for what it is: a sticky-sweet aromatic. Everyone loves the smell, even SWMBO.
  20. motie2

    Jim's P&W 515 Review

    Can someone educate me on the difference between Wilke Rumcake and Wilke #515? Both are described as Basil Rathbone's blend....