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  1. Idlefellow

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Some Squadron Leader Special in my Pete Mark Twain. A bit of Shieldaig Islay alongside; an inexpensive single malt I find at Total Wine and More. Quite drinkable; to me, reminiscent of Bowmore...
  2. Idlefellow

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Took an old Donegal Rocky System Deluxe and a pouch of SWR to the range this week but it was bloody windy so I settled for a cigar instead. I did manager to shoot a 24/25 despite the wind from the 16-yard line. Of course I was pissed about the one I missed. The handicap round from the 27-yard...
  3. Idlefellow

    Different Wallet styles.

    My habits are so ingrained that if anything changes it just doesn't feel right. Money clip and pocketknife in left front, change and lighter in right front. Wallet in left hip, handkerchief in right hip (I used to carry a comb there too but that has become pretty much unnecessary). My...
  4. Idlefellow

    Different Wallet styles.

    My wallet has way too much stuff for those small wallets. I've tried many times to see what I can get rid of but there just isn't anything. My current one is a Stay Fine from Amazon which I've had for a couple years, and it wouldn't hurt if it was a bit larger. I wish I'd known about the...
  5. Idlefellow

    Different Wallet styles.

    I have a Saddleback large Classic brief; since I've retired it just sits on a shelf. I should sell it, but it's so cool and well-made I just can't turn loose of it. I'd never considered their wallets but just looked at them on line; thanks for the head's up!
  6. Idlefellow

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Peterson Mycroft at the gun club with some 'alf & 'alf. This is perhaps my all-time favorite shape, and I don't even know what it's called: Zulu? Bent Dublin? As I recall it's the second Peterson I ever bought, and my first in the Holmes series. Shoulda never gone down that road :ROFLMAO:...
  7. Idlefellow

    Need Some Peterson System Advice

    The p-lip is an integral part of the Peterson "system." Without it it cannot function like a true system pipe. You might check out this information...
  8. Idlefellow

    What movie are you watching?

    The Judge. Damn, Robert Duvall is good!
  9. Idlefellow

    I couldn't help myself...

    Heck yeah!
  10. Idlefellow

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Pete Milverton and Figgy Pudding at the gun club last night.
  11. Idlefellow

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    7' and one and three-quarters ounces of R.L. Winston IM6 graphite, and a Pete Baker Street with Figgy pudding made for a nice afternoon...
  12. Idlefellow

    I didn’t catch where you were from….

    Nebraska born and Kansas bred; I love the prairie. "Lived here all your life?" "Not yet!"
  13. Idlefellow

    My honest-to-God-I-promise last Peterson

    "A Hunter's Fireside Book" by Gene Hill, which I see on your bookshelf, is the perfect companion to that new pipe you have acquired. Enjoy!" Yes; that book carries an interesting story in its own right (to me at least).
  14. Idlefellow

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    My Pete Squire this week with EGR at the trap range; shot poorly but at least the tobacco was good :cry: And my Lestrade yesterday whilst tossing a few flies at a favorite bass hideout; Figgy Pudding therein...
  15. Idlefellow

    My honest-to-God-I-promise last Peterson

    I've said this before, but this time I REALLY mean it! :rolleyes: I've been looking for a Sherlock Holmes series Hopkins for quite a while and this is only the second one I've ever seen for sale, and the first one was already sold when I found it. I paid WAY too much for it, and I broke my...
  16. Idlefellow

    Solar Eclipse

    I was working in the yard and completely forgot about it. We had about 88% totality here but by the time I remembered and made my little pinhole camera she was pretty much over,
  17. Idlefellow

    What's your favourite Movie Soundtrack?

    Probably "Out of Africa". My wife and I both loved the movie, bought the soundtrack, and played it relentlessly. My kids still remember going to sleep with "Siyawe" playing in the background. These days I tend to pick out individual songs like "Trying to Leave Something Behind" by Sean Rowe...
  18. Idlefellow

    A very comfy Thong indeed.

    Yeah, they were thongs back in the day, but flip-flops now I guess. My aunt-in-law (not a young woman) popped into a Walmart on the way to the beach one day and asked the young employee where their thongs were. She gave her kind of an odd look and pointed her towards the lady's underwear...
  19. Idlefellow

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Way cool lighter!!
  20. Idlefellow

    My first knife project

    Thanks Mike! No, I haven't done another. I did do a hatchet which I think I posted on here before; the head was in a box of stuff my sister-in-law gave me when my brother-in-law passed and I had it for quite a while before I came up with an idea of what to do. Found this chunk of wood on a...