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  1. Hermit


  2. Hermit

    What's your favourite Movie Soundtrack?

    "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou " "McCabe and Mrs. Miller"
  3. Hermit

    Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh! My furnace & AC died!!!

    We had to replace ours in December. So glad it wasn't in August...and so were the installers.
  4. Hermit

    Been a while…..

    Glad to hear things are going well. Welcome back!
  5. Hermit

    Club Paraphenalia?

    We used to do a Club Pipe of the Year. I have a few.
  6. Hermit

    little things that make a difference and the small things you appreciate

    One thing I get a kick out of is making all the green lights on the way to the post office. There are seven of em and they're perfectly timed. If ya go exactly the speed limit it's possible to sail through all of em. (Easily entertained ;) )
  7. Hermit

    Humador Help!

    I would use Everclear. Dunno 'bout bleach.
  8. Hermit

    How do you all take your coffee?

    I make it pretty strong and like a little Half 'n Half in it. If I'm at a restaurant, I'll take it black. I grind, but not roast. My favorite is Community Dark Roast Whole Bean.
  9. Hermit

    Hello from Covington, Louisiana

    Welcome neighbor. 🐊
  10. Hermit

    What do you smoke while fishing?

    Cigars. ;)
  11. Hermit

    Dating tobacco tins

    Cool. I have a few tins from 2009.
  12. Hermit

    Your method of fishing?

    It's been a few years, but I preferred a spear gun.
  13. Hermit

    Non vaccination costs tennis star $4.4 million!

    He's not allowed in the country. He should sneak in from Mexico; nobody cares if they're vaxed.
  14. Hermit

    Non vaccination costs tennis star $4.4 million!

    DHS denies vaccine waiver for Novak Djokovic; senators implore Biden to intervene; Indian Wells and Miami Open on the line This is insane. At this point, are they really gonna keep Novak out of the country?
  15. Hermit

    Pipes that leak - Can anything be done?

    Saw the thread title and wondered if you needed a plumber. ;)
  16. Hermit

    What are they putting in C&D tobacco?

    They use the same Perique that everyone else does. It all comes from the same place. (Twenty minutes from my house.)
  17. Hermit

    What are they putting in C&D tobacco?

    Most of my favorite blends are C&D and GLP. I've never experienced anything like what was described in the OP.
  18. Hermit

    Broken Pipes

    I'm relieved, upon opening this thread, that we haven't lost anyone. When I break a tenon, I send it to Mark Tinsky for repair.
  19. Hermit

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    I smoked a few of my favorite pipes with my favorite blends. I also smoked this... I've had it for over fifteen years. Thought I'd smoke it for my seventieth birthday. ;) (Also, I smoked both of my "Birthyear" Dunhills.)