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  1. Rebel Ghost

    Any Carter Hall lovers or haters?

    The Sutliff CH Match is pretty good too. Not sure how close it is to the original.
  2. Rebel Ghost

    Talk to me about English blends

    The only ones I would worry about would be an aeromatic with a heavy topping.
  3. Rebel Ghost

    Talk to me about English blends

    None of those particular tobaccos should ghost your pipe.
  4. Rebel Ghost

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Boswell's Countryside in a 2012 Nording Hunter.
  5. Rebel Ghost

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Smoking some Edward G. Robinson's blend in my great grandfathers Dickens straight billard. I have seen this pipe in pictures of him, but he died in 1963 so I never met him. This pipe is at least from the 1930's because my grandfather was in the pictures prior to WWII. I am assuming it was a...
  6. Rebel Ghost

    Vintage RJ Reynolds Prince Albert Tin and Tobacco

    I miss the old Tinderbox stores... My brother still smokes North Sea religiously.
  7. Rebel Ghost

    Vintage RJ Reynolds Prince Albert Tin and Tobacco

    I don't think PA was put into those tins as late as 1987. My great grandfather smoked PA and the only tins like that of his were all prior to 1963. Some years after that it was the same shape/packaging, but made from cardboard. Kinda similar to a pack of cheap cigars. Nice find you made. I...
  8. Rebel Ghost

    Smoke Rings from Carolina

    Thomasville NC here Welcome
  9. Rebel Ghost


    I tried Prince Albert recently because my Great Grandfather smoked it. It's not the same as the original back in the day, can't be. It's got such a chemical taste to it it's almost like a cigarette. Smoke and smell lingers forever indoors. A couple hours later you can still smell it. Terrible.
  10. Rebel Ghost

    Need Recommendation - Lighter

    Xikar makes a corona copy that works well.
  11. Rebel Ghost

    Comparable to Lane 1Q

    I never detected a chem taste until I smoked predominately non-aromatics. When I went back and tried 1-Q it was different. I find 4-Q is more to my liking because more of the natural tobacco flavor comes through. The only aromatics I enjoy now have a light topping.
  12. Rebel Ghost

    Comparable to Lane 1Q

    Watch City Cigar's 4-Q Same flavor, but no chemical taste. Doesn't overpower the tobacco flavor.
  13. Rebel Ghost

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Right now, Scotty's Stonewall during the day. Squadron Leader in the evening.
  14. Rebel Ghost

    Hello from NC!

    Welcome. NC here also.
  15. Rebel Ghost

    A New Sister of the Briar?

    Welcome from NC.
  16. Rebel Ghost

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Xmas to all of you.
  17. Rebel Ghost

    Charred pipe rims...need advice

    Is there any protective coating to rub into the wood on top of the bowl? Mine is starting to turn black on one side from lighting it.
  18. Rebel Ghost

    NC here

    Sutliff 507C and some of Cornell & Deihl's offerings. Especially Carolina Red Flake. Although they are all better aged which is why I just ventured i to cellaring. What about you?
  19. Rebel Ghost

    NC here

    Thomasville, NC 43 yrs of age now. Pipe smoker since 25 yrs old. Enjoy Lane Ltd and Peter Stokebye aromatics. as well as Virginia non-aromatics.