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  1. DrumsAndBeer

    Daughters & Ryan Sells Majority Stake

    Yes, Picayune and a bunch of other blends were discontinued.
  2. DrumsAndBeer

    An Analysis of Pipe Filters

    The Vauen 9mm charcoal filters will make Haunted Bookshop taste good. That's something there.
  3. DrumsAndBeer

    Recently made RDPipes

    They are all awesome, but that morta bulldog is just ridiculous. Love it!
  4. DrumsAndBeer

    Your Favorite Sweet & Smoky Blends

    Old Toby is a bit of a wet mess. I am talking slick with some sort of thick sugary humectant. Strangely it burns fairly well despite the moisture level, but it does leave the bowl somewhat goopy. I was drawn to it by the aromatic with a measure of perique description. I wasn't terribly...
  5. DrumsAndBeer

    House of Calabash

    Steven Books passed away a few years back. His daughter tried to keep the business going but couldn’t sustain it. I’d guess 2 years now, maybe 3. I have a small bit of HOC left in my stash. Some Irishman’s 5 o’clock, Grandfather’s Own, Wild Rose and a we bit of Young Master & For Meerschaum’s...
  6. DrumsAndBeer

    This Peterson haunts me,

    I prefer Fishtails. P-lips should only be used on pipes with military mounts or system drilled models with the nasty internal well. The only pipe cleaner that I have been able to use in-smoke with my straight Peterson Deluxe bulldog is the ultra thin Falcon cleaners. Getting any normal cleaner...
  7. DrumsAndBeer


    Bummer. I was looking to re-up my dwindling stash. I got drunk and missed out. Hahaha
  8. DrumsAndBeer

    How Much Is Too Much?

    I hit the 100 pound mark and stopped counting. Occasionally I’ll trade Or sell some of it off. If I do acquire anything more it’s usually something new that piques my interest or it’s a quality VA blend that I plan to lay down for a spell. Aside from that I am done buying. Hell I have even...
  9. DrumsAndBeer

    Any Castello fans here?

    Love Castellos but these are a bit too big for me. Some great looking pieces there nonetheless. Awesome restoration work!
  10. DrumsAndBeer


    I enjoy an occasional aromatic here and there, but much like you, some I can smoke and others I can't. Most recent I have been enjoying Rattray's Exotic Orange and Solani Mango Flake. E. Orange is a German/Danish aro all the way, with subtantial flavor for the style and a nice aroma. Mango...
  11. DrumsAndBeer

    Gourmet versus Comfort Food blends

    Sticking with blends that are more readily available, here are a few that kind of strike that "comfort food" kind of appeal with me - C&D Sansepolcro, GLP Jack Knife Plug, New Minster 403 Superior Round Slices, Arango Balkan Supreme, Mac Baren Dark Twist Roll Cake, F&K Lancer's Slices..
  12. DrumsAndBeer

    Happy birthday, DrumsandBeer

    Hey, Brunello thanks for the kind words and nice to meet you. One of these days I'll get back to the review business. I probably have 50 or more that are partially complete, just haven't had the time it takes to polish them up, and  when I do actually have the time, I'd rather smoke the...
  13. DrumsAndBeer

    Happy birthday, DrumsandBeer

    Howdy folks and thanks for the birthday wishes. 8) Not entirely sure what I'll be smoking tonight but I will definitely be enjoying a celebratory brew once the work day is done. Cheers!
  14. DrumsAndBeer

    Broken Pipe - Michael Hudon

    Sorry to read this. He was a gentleman and will be missed, and boy did he ever love his McClelland VA’s. RIP Michael.
  15. DrumsAndBeer

    G.L. Pease Union Square ---- the thread

    I have a scant amount of Union Square left. I think it's also from 2009 which for whatever reason was a super year for that blend. I must have smoked through 5 tins of it once it finally rang my bell. I stopped stashing it away when I discovered Fillmore which has a robust spicy quality that I...
  16. DrumsAndBeer

    Where did you start...and where did it lead?

    The very first flake I smoked was Reiner Long Golden and shortly after that Blackwoods. I greatly enjoyed them both and still do, but Blackwoods Flake was responsible for sending me down the darker, deeply sweet, spicy and richer tasting tobacco path. Now I enjoy smoking a variety of blends...
  17. DrumsAndBeer

    happy birthday, BriarBeagle

    Happy Belated Birthday, BB
  18. DrumsAndBeer

    Happy birthday, Ozark Wizard!

    Happy Birthday!
  19. DrumsAndBeer

    Brewdude Bomb!

    Mean train blends, seems to be a thing. I remember Steam Roller, that was a good strong American style English blend that Russ O. created. But yeah, I dig Night Train. It works well for me and it's one of a handful of C&D blends that really rings my bell. 8)