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  1. urbino

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Had some OGS in the morta bullie from RDPipes: And some G&H #25 in the Jobey: Both of these pipes are wonderfully clenchable.
  2. urbino

    Hacks, hints, tips, and accessories for smoking while driving?

    Somebody makes a piping gizmo that fits in a standard cupholder, but I think it only holds your pipe. And it was a bit spendy, as I recall.
  3. urbino

    "Sunshine Protection Act"

    It isn't. It hasn't been about energy or the economy for decades and decades. I read a book about it several years ago. DST still exists because it has some major industries lobbying for it: outdoor sports (esp. golf), outdoor living (think patio furniture and bbq grills), etc. There was...
  4. urbino

    Eames Lounge Chair

    I'll be deep fat fried. I thought the Eames chair originated as a craftsman piece.
  5. urbino

    Eames Lounge Chair

    The one you linked to said $8,000. I thought that was the knock-off you were referencing. (In my mind, a Herman Miller Eames chair is a knock-off.)
  6. urbino

    Refilling your lighter with butane

    It seems to make no difference whatsoever how I bleed the tank, what butane I use, how I hold the can and lighter, or what tip I use on the can, my lighters (including Old Boys) just do not want to be refilled. I waste about as much as I get in the tank.
  7. urbino

    Eames Lounge Chair

    A bit?
  8. urbino

    Captain Black anyone?

    I used to frequent Elliot's shop, myself. There was always those 2 codgers in there, sitting in the middle of the shop looking at old Playboys and solving the world's problems.
  9. urbino

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Solani Silver Flake in a Merchant Service Bing blast (don't have a pic of my actual pipe).
  10. urbino

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Some OGS in an Al Pascia prince: Earlier, some Old Gowrie in a Sav 316ks:
  11. urbino

    Chromebook EOL

    I'd say you have more time than that, if you want to keep them around. The fact that security updates stop being released doesn't mean they're unsecure the next day.
  12. urbino

    Voice to text has really advanced

  13. urbino

    I should quit reading the obituaries

    They aren't notably educational.
  14. urbino

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Back trouble last weekend. Cold weather today. Maybe tomorrow I can smoke a pipe.
  15. urbino

    Hypothetically, If You Were A Tyrant Who Started A War

    Scope must've been as big as the rifle.
  16. urbino

    Smoking vests?

    I find the leftover smell of pipe smoke to be as unpleasant as cigar or cigarette smoke. Stale tobacco smoke is stale tobacco smoke, according to my nose holes.
  17. urbino

    Smoking vests?

    Preventing the clothes from absorbing smoke was what I always understood to be the purpose.
  18. urbino

    Smoking vests?

    A vest seems like it would kinda defeat the purpose.
  19. urbino

    Psoriasis pain

    When it works the way it's supposed to, health insurance is an awesome thing.
  20. urbino

    Virginia Perique cigars

    Not sure I'm a big fan of seeing perique go into cigars. If cigar smokers decide they like it, it'll be very difficult to get in pipe blends anymore.