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    NPD: Vauen Topas 150 Paneled Apple

    Very nice looking birdseye grain! The only Vauen pipe I have is the old Zeppelin pipe and tamper that they made back in the 80s/90s.
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    Are you a straight or bent bit/stem person?

    Primarily bent pipes. I do have a few straight stemmed pipes that I smoke on occasion but the collection is over 90% bent stemmed.
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    Tony Lama MADE IN CHINA???????????????

    Might want to look at Tecovas. The boots are made in Mexico.
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    Peterson Question

    As noted above, the shape number will allow you to determine whether or not the Pete is a system pipe. On some estates purchased over the years, I need to do a little research because of changes to the numbering system. The research can be more fun than chasing a pipe.
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    McClelland's Bulk 5110 Dark Full English???

    May want to try McCranie's St. Alban's Best if you like the Frog. A lot of reviews compare St. Alban's Best to Frog Morton One the Town.
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    Peterson Question

    It's possible that the listing is describing a system standard. However, I would always want more information. Then use Mark Irwin's Peterson Pipe Notes blog (or the wonderful Peterson book) and/or the website for final verification. Shape number? Line? Depending upon the seller...
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    Cellaring Seattle Pipe Club tobaccos

    Timbo, Thank you for the response. Yeah, I have several tins of Plum Pudding put away in the "cellar" and the problem with the Mississippi River got me to thinking about possible issues. As to dating tins, all my early Seattle Pipe Club tins have a date stamp on the bottom. It's recently that...
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    Cellaring Seattle Pipe Club tobaccos

    I've searched the posts and cannot locate an answer to this question. I enjoy several of the Seattle Pipe Club blends and am looking to cellar my favorites. What is a concern for me is the "tin". While the top and bottom of the "tins" are aluminum(?), the sides (body) appear to be some sort of...
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    Fvf in stock

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    Resting to mature

    In no particular order - C&D Pirate Kake Wilke Hearth of Galway KBV B. Frog's Mountains of Madness SPC Plum Pudding Special Reserve C&D From Beyond
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    Purchased my first vintage pipe, it arrived today. What do yous think, it's it perhaps a Peterson briar?

    It is a Republic Era Peterson, which makes if from approximately 1950 forward. The name Reject places it early in the Republic Era. Many times a Peterson destined for a silver mount had the silver replaced by nickel when it became a second. Regardless, the pipe is nice and once cleaned up...
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    Possibly A Unique Pipe From The 1800's

    With the circled M, it looks exactly like a Medico per
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    Humidifying idea

    Truth be told, I didn't think this was an issue. I haven't seen the need to resort to any extra or supplemental humidification. I opened a jar of C&D Atlas Balkan that I have marked as May 2003. Still fresh, still properly humidified and most importantly still good. I also have several jars...
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    Humidifying idea

    What's the problem with just using a Boveda pack? I figure I paid good money for the tobacco and I'm darn sure going to do what I can to make sure I smoke every bit of it. The Boveda packs are a small price to pay.
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    I need some help with this set of pipes.

    Bill, Left to right - The "m" appears to be the year 1907. It could be 1927, but the 1927 "m" is more gothic than the one shown on the pipe. The rampant lion for Great Britain. And attests to the purity of the metal (sterling silver). The tiger's head represents the London assay office...
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    I need some help with this set of pipes.

    You can find out some information on the Bewlay pipes at As to the hallmarks, the M could stand for the year 1907, 1927 or 1954. A clear picture would help narrow the date down.
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    Looking for a pipe for work

    Ditto to the above comments on the Peterson 304. Great pipe and comes in various "flavors". Doing a quick search at Smoking Pipes for "304" brought up several styles.
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    Peterson Carroll of Carrollton

    I ordered one. Won't be able to say if the pipe is worth it for a few days. But I'm a sucker for Pete's. About split evenly between p-lips and fishtails.