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  1. Blackhorse

    Pipe For Sale - Peterson B-42

    Very good stuff.
  2. Blackhorse

    Show us your bumper/Car stickers.

    Might as well be polite…
  3. Blackhorse

    For Sale: Blasted Poker Spigot

    Damn. That’s a purty one Ron.
  4. Blackhorse

    Congratulations to Greg Pease!

    Ditto to Double Kudos!
  5. Blackhorse

    It's been a while...

    Remember you I do. Thanks for dropping by.
  6. Blackhorse

    An Act of God?

    I think it’ll be up to the insurance companies as to whether or not God gets credit.
  7. Blackhorse

    Hello everyone,

    Welcome aboard…Happy 4th of July!
  8. Blackhorse

    SOLD: Blasted Bulldog Spigot

    DUH. PS: Obviously, let us know when you get your site sorted out. Thanks.
  9. Blackhorse


    Some of the more recent models from MM have been released with beautiful acrylic stems. Wonderful. .
  10. Blackhorse

    Beginning Pipe Collection

    What I like is how well you’re taking care of your li’l babies. Very nice photo as well.
  11. Blackhorse

    Greetings from Southern California!

    Looks like you guys are settling right in. Enjoy.
  12. Blackhorse

    Country Squire? No problem here.
  13. Blackhorse

    Who am I?

    Ultimately Bill…YES, I’ll call you the winner. I hadn’t really planned on starting to throw prizes around, but there’s no reason not to.send a little something your way. How about posting some clues as to what you like…then send me a PM with your mailing address.
  14. Blackhorse

    Accessories Wanted Tobacco Trade

    The Trading Post requires that you specify what blends you have for trade and at least some general range of expectations. Is it tinned or loose…what weight. Like: 2 tins Dark Star tin code 112898. Or: 6.3 oz Oriental #8 stored in mason jar. Etc. Then…McClelland trades at one tin for two...
  15. Blackhorse

    What a great week!

    Ooooo! That brass rack is sweet.
  16. Blackhorse

    Reducing indoor smell/staining

    If you’re going to filter smoke and tar out of a volume of interior air it’s going to take X amount of filter media and substantial power to move the air through the filters. Obviously depends on the room size…amount of smoke, etc. Commercial units I’ve seen installed in cigar bars were about...
  17. Blackhorse

    New pipe smoker

    Pleased you decided to sign up.
  18. Blackhorse

    Who am I?

    Well Bill, I’ll make it a gift. I think you’re on it even though the answer was not specifically correct. And I assume you did that and blurred the image so as not to blow the answer for other brothers. So that’s good sportsmanship points. But ya know, he’s gotta be somebody. I know WHERE...