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  1. daveinlax

    Matched Grain Pipe-Desirabilty

    When I see “matched grain” pipes I think of Kaywoodie.
  2. daveinlax

    Show us your bumper/Car stickers.

    Just got a new car! This was the first new car I’ve bought that didn’t come with a permanent dealer badge.
  3. JimInks

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Last smoke of the day is year 2020 Angler's Dream in a 2018 natural smooth medium bend Peterson 03 apple silver spigot military mount with a tapered black acrylic fish tail stem. Just fed cats again, finished reading the box scores, and am reading while this bowl lasts.
  4. daveinlax

    STG to Acquire Mac Baren.

    You’re right book keeping for a shop is a full time job. Every stick and ounce of tobacco has to be accounted for but it’s the distributor that has to deal with importation issues. You’re right again about Sutliff, lots of shops reformulated McClelland components in house mixtures with Sutliff...
  5. daveinlax

    Selling your McClelland's?

    Yeah but with Pipestud he knows the weights and you’re likely to pop a perfect tin. LoL! I could buy 15 pounds of my favorite Balkan for $600. People spend that on a forgettable night out. At least least you’ll have a week of bliss. Either it’s a cheap bucket list check off or couch change.
  6. daveinlax

    Las Vegas Intl Pipe Show 2024!

    The link is live for tickets to the Las Vegas Intl Pipe Show 2024 Saturday Awards Dinner at Brian will be hosting Pipe Show Game Show while you enjoy a Pipe or Cigar with Desert and coffee after a Delicious Buffet Dinner with Your Friends...
  7. daveinlax

    Reducing indoor smell/staining

    I have a Rabbit Air with the charcoal smoke filter and it helps but you’ll know a pipe smoker lives here when you walk in the door. I smoke cigars in my car and it’s pretty toxic. We just live with it and the car gets handed down, not traded in.
  8. daveinlax

    Congratulations to Greg Pease!

    Nate King of all pipes was also inducted. Congratulations!
  9. daveinlax

    14 Hours

    I was bobbing in the pool yesterday overhearing a conversation between a surgical tech from Denver and her mom. She said the hospital’s new management team was cut throat in saving money at all costs. She felt semi safe from job loss/time cut because she was knew how to put together the trays...
  10. daveinlax

    Las Vegas Intl Pipe Show 2024!

    We’re just four months away from opening the show. Tables, Admissions and Hotel Reservations are available at
  11. daveinlax


    Welcome! What Edward’s mixtures do you miss? Many were just renamed bulk blends. I’ll be Zooming with a former Edward’s shop owner tonight. He might know what was what.
  12. daveinlax

    Left handed pipe smokers

    I’ve got a collection of big pipes with plateau tops and a couple are definitely lefties.
  13. daveinlax

    Floods in Texas

    They probably spent more on the skulls than they have in the bank. From my understanding these people are in a cult of personality. Most can’t rub two nickels together that they earned but are dependent on Uncle Sugar for everything.
  14. daveinlax

    Overseas Pipe Ordering Advice...

    They have a DHL account. If you were on the hook (as I’ve been) for the return it would probably cost you $70.00 bucks to send it back securely.
  15. daveinlax

    Ed Burak's Connoisseur Giants

    Very Impressive Collection! There was guy who was a regular at my local pipe shop who worked part time at The Connonissure Shop while he went to college in NYC. He had lots of Ed stories.
  16. daveinlax

    Las Vegas Intl Pipe Show 2024!

    Our Room Block is Filling Up Fast and Our Early Bird Promotion is Ending Soon! Go to to book your room and to buy a table or admission by June 1st to be entered to win one of two 3 night stays at our show. A $472 dollar value.
  17. daveinlax


    Welcome! I agree with you about liking Frog Morton better than Cellar.
  18. daveinlax

    How light sensitive is jarred tobacco?

    If your storage place it to bright you’ll know it. The exposed jars will steam up.
  19. daveinlax

    The Chicago International Pipe & Tobacciana Show April 10-14, 2024

    The Chicago Show seemed to be successful and I had a great time! The new location was really nice and all the services I used were perfect. Had a nice time hanging with @BriarBeagle for awhile Thursday.
  20. daveinlax

    Broken Pipe - Craig Cobine

    Very Sad News. RIP I’ve known Craig for a long time. We shared a love for all things Dunhill. Here we are together at the show in 2013.