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  1. eggman

    How light sensitive is jarred tobacco?

    i noticed a couple of my jars where in some light. then i seen they were wearing some rayban’s. so mine must be light sensitive too.
  2. eggman

    Small pipe lot from a Facebook sale group

    Zeno, i was checking the band with a magnifying glass and noticed some numbers and such , but couldnt make them out. so i dug out a 8x jewlers loupe and it says 14K RG. and i can not find a crack anywhere on the shank
  3. eggman

    Small pipe lot from a Facebook sale group

    Zeno, the band is not tight at all. I have had it off twice while cleaning it. I’ll look closer and see if i see crack. Can you date a camenetto pipe?
  4. eggman


    Welcome to the group
  5. eggman

    Small pipe lot from a Facebook sale group

    I haven’t tried the boba tea yet. My wife keeps telling me it not all that good. But I never listen to her any other time so why am I listening to her now.
  6. eggman

    Small pipe lot from a Facebook sale group

    I watch several local facebook sale/auction groups for pipes(of course), lighters, pocket knives, ham radio items, tube broadcast radios, shortwave receivers, and whatever else i think i need. So the other day a listing for three pipes and a pipe stand came up with a starting bid of 3 dollars...
  7. eggman

    Antique mall Meerschaum

    Very interesting design on the bowl. Can’t say i have ever seen that pattern before. I’m guessing there aren’t any markings on the bottom side of the pipe?
  8. eggman

    Explain the logic here, please.

    Colour me skeptical. I have never seen that color in a box of crayola crayons.
  9. eggman

    Is it the pen…or the ink?

    The Lamy 2000’s are a nice looking pen. I like the veiled nib. Between the 2 I’d have to go with the black one. It’s funny how 2 pens of the same model can have such different flow rates with the same ink.
  10. eggman

    Solar Eclipse

    We had 99.?% totality here in north west Tennessee. It got dark enough for the street lights to pop on for about 2 minutes.
  11. eggman

    Explain the logic here, please.

    I have purchased 2 things off of evilbay in the last 6 weeks from Canada some knobs for a National NC-173 receiver and a Heathkit AJ-1214 FM tuner. They both made it through customs in less than a day. My wife bought a lot of late 60’s Barbie clothes off of the bay in Canada and took a week to...
  12. eggman

    Pipe For Sale Free to Good Home - $0.00 [CLAIMED]

    Nice little woodie
  13. eggman

    The new old guy from the Crystal Coast

    Welcome to the group
  14. eggman

    Jim's Comic Book Interview, Sept. 19.

    I used to work down there for Bill Cox fixin lawn mowers and what not. Ummmmm- hmmmm
  15. eggman

    Huntsville Hamfest this weekend

    You can't go wrong with bacon 🥓
  16. eggman

    Jim's C&D Steamworks Small Batch Review.

    Sounds like some great blends to be on the look out for
  17. eggman

    Huntsville Hamfest this weekend

    Well darn, that would be nice to check out too.
  18. eggman

    Huntsville Hamfest this weekend

    i know there’s a few ham radio operators here. Just wondering if anyone is going to the Huntsville Hamfest this weekend. I'm going Saturday to see what kind of junk I can find to drag home that absolutely don't need.
  19. eggman

    Hello from Birmingham, Alabama

    Welcome from Tennessee. Very nice collection of McClellands. The frog is one of my favorites.
  20. eggman

    Expensive Men’s Cologne (Parfum, etc.)

    My grandfather (dad's dad) and father-in-law wore Old Spice. My mother's dad wore Wild Country from avon. My dad wore Stetson.