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  1. D.L.Ruth

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Starting a well needed day off with some C&D Oak Alley in a Peterson
  2. D.L.Ruth

    Goodbye brothers

    It's been a pleasure to have you around
  3. D.L.Ruth

    ER friday and yesterday

    Sounds quite painful, hope you have a speedy recovery and are soon able to back to your ordinary life
  4. D.L.Ruth

    Butz Choquin Tropic 1783 (restore)

    An amazing transformation Sid
  5. D.L.Ruth

    I'm Planning to Organize A Protest

    Inquiring minds WILL know, mine has a heater (both for water and the seat) it up pretty quickly, although that first splash can be a bit shocking. The temp is also adjustable for comfort. You can adjust the water pressure as well depending on sensitivity. How else can I make this awkward 🤔...
  6. D.L.Ruth

    I'm Planning to Organize A Protest

    It all comes down to the model you have. The model I have has a built in dying fan. If you have never used one you should give it try if you get a chance it is kind of a game changer and will definitely save on TP. I believe your protest is a worthy cause and I would join you making a stand...
  7. D.L.Ruth

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Country Squire Green Dragon in a Peterson
  8. D.L.Ruth

    A Very Nice Gift

    Nice hit Ranger! That's a pretty cool stand
  9. D.L.Ruth

    It’s Nat’l. Beer Day! Special Celebrations?

    Banquet had become my go to be lately it is quite good. I like the stubby bottles but have cans at home now. Will be having one tonight for National Beer Day
  10. D.L.Ruth

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Country Squire Second Breakfast in a Pete
  11. D.L.Ruth

    What movie are you watching?

    I remember watching this growing up (re-runs of course) such a great show
  12. D.L.Ruth

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Had some Hearth and Home Caramel Apple Pie in my 2020 Paterson Christmas pipe
  13. D.L.Ruth

    Easter Sunday and Lots of Stores Are Open

    I didn't notice much of anything open yesterday, I believe the grocery stores were open
  14. D.L.Ruth

    New member here

    All very nice looking pipes, bull dogs are one of my favorite shapes
  15. D.L.Ruth

    Hello from FL’s left coast

    Welcome to the group
  16. D.L.Ruth

    The Salad of the Day...

    I love a big salad during summer, just a good refreshing meal
  17. D.L.Ruth

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Sherlock from Ansteads in a Petersin
  18. D.L.Ruth

    Diplomatico Anejo Venezuelan Rum

    Just recently tried this run m, since a friend gave me a bottle for my birthday. I enjoyed it, a bit on the sweeter side but still good
  19. D.L.Ruth

    2020 Pad/Tad tax refund

    Is your Old Toby super moist? I ordered some a while ago and talk about moist, I really enjoy Country Squire aromatics because generally they are not moist and goopy, hoping that the old Toby I got was a fluke.