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  1. somedumbjerk

    What are you smoking?

    Fire dance flake in my amazing Devil Dog by the one and only lady of the briar, scottie.
  2. somedumbjerk

    i got a new "ye olde piperack"

    indeed. they actually hold 90  :shock: might take me a while to fill it up, but who knows. thanks to josh i've got the pipe making bug again, and PAD is always prevelant when you hang out with marty pulvers on a regular basis.
  3. somedumbjerk

    New Job!

    So my old job started declining rapidly. after putting in six years, it was time to go. the company started to push me out, and i followed up on an oppurtunity to start a new field, with one of the hottest companies around: it was my first week at Tesla Motors this week! i'm really excited to...
  4. somedumbjerk

    i got a new "ye olde piperack"

    Brian thank you! i fixed it. i do not have enough to fill it, just over a third if i take all of my pipes and restore the beat up ones. once i'm financially settled there will be some business coming your way!
  5. somedumbjerk

    Where's Somedumbjerk??

    i'm back, sorry guys! Ron, especially sorry to you. and Scotties, i never saw the email so i'm checking my junk folders now.
  6. somedumbjerk

    i got a new "ye olde piperack"

    thanks guys, sorry about the picture size, i posted from my mobile and can't figure out how to resize. anyone able to help out with that after the fact? it might be a savinelli rack, i'm not sure? anyone have any more information? i'll try and get some today when i meet up for pipe and pint.
  7. somedumbjerk

    i got a new "ye olde piperack"

    been gone for a while. had some life issues to sort out. career change, blah blah blah. time to stop neglecting the fine brothers and sisters of the briar. i got a pipe rack! actually two but i'm only keeping one. a gentleman who was an avid collector of rediculously high grade pipes passed...
  8. somedumbjerk

    Surviving the Winter Wasteland! February Bombing Run!

    confirmed! i got a good feeling about this one
  9. somedumbjerk

    Surviving the Winter Wasteland! February Bombing Run!

    everyone get your battle cry ready!!! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0" loading="lazy" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  10. somedumbjerk

    Surviving the Winter Wasteland! February Bombing Run!

    i've been gone for too long. in if you'll have me back!
  11. somedumbjerk

    Happy Birthday Somedumbjerk

    Thanks guys!
  12. somedumbjerk

    Latest order from Mr. Snuff

    the hop snuff sounds wonderful. i'll pick it up on my next order if i ever do another one.
  13. somedumbjerk

    the shadow strikes!!!!

    must be my punishment for being to quiet ont he board lately! got hit by the shadow! a tin of EMP and a 100g tin of Frog Morton! Thanks you scurvy devil!
  14. somedumbjerk

    Green around the gills...

    Brian, the edge makes me quite buzzed and i'm a heavyweight with nicotine. like scotties said, pure ligero. fun when you're in the mood though.  :drunken: 
  15. somedumbjerk

    Peninsula Pipe Club Sunday Jan 4th (bay area CA)

    where: Edwards Pipes and Tobacco 4546 El Camino Real, Los Altos, CA what: well, a pipe club meeting. bring a pipe, some tobacco to share, and a chair! (no alcohol, sorry) when: Dec 1st from 2 - 5pm price: FREE! whoo hoo! break in the new year properly this Sunday at Edwards!
  16. somedumbjerk

    growley ramses from my wedding

    pictures are starting to trickle in from my wedding. here are two great detail shots of my gorgeous Growley
  17. somedumbjerk

    What are you smokin'?

    Diesel hair of the dog. It's pretty good. Hits a lot of my flavor buttons. And has a decent punch. Feeling lady n already and I'm about an inch in. If I truly was hungover and looking for a hair of the dog, my stomach would probably be a mess.
  18. somedumbjerk

    Still not done

    less bend on the stem and slim down the shank to make the transition a little better and you got yourself an amazing looking pipe sir! good job!
  19. somedumbjerk

    2013 BoB Pipe of the Year (All Done)

    no worries man, thanks for undertaking this
  20. somedumbjerk

    2013 BoB Pipe of the Year (All Done)

    we still in a holding pattern on this? just wondering if i can allocate those funds to something else. sorry to bug you, man!