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  1. Terry292

    Great Stealth Pen

    Thanks for the recommendation. I'll have to check those out.
  2. Terry292

    Do you need both a land line and cell phone at home?

    We have both a landline and cell phones. Cell service is practically non-existent in among all the hills and ridges around here. Sometimes we can get a reasonably good signal at a certain spot in the yard, but not often. Just depends on the weather and how you hold your mouth. For now, it's...
  3. Terry292

    The Pipe Smokers Gathering, Richmond, VA, 5 Oct 2019

    Anyone else going to be there, besides me?
  4. Terry292

    Does anyone smoke an Artison pipe like thia

    I wouldn't buy it, but I'd smoke the dickens out of it if it somehow came into my possession. I lost my affinity for Freehand style pipes way back in the 1970s.
  5. Terry292

    It’s been about 10 years...

    Welcome back to the fold, Yarnspinner. Don't I remember you from the late, lamented Knox Cigar Forum?
  6. Terry292

    Pipe retort My homemade pipe retort. You can buy everything you need at any school or hobby supply store for less than $10.00
  7. Terry292

    Book suggestions on Pipes/tobacco

    If you want to start a tobacciana library, I recommend the following, as a minimum: Ehwa, The Book of Pipes and Tobacco Weber, The Pleasures of the Pipe and Weber's Guide to Pipes and Tobaccos Dunhill, A.,  The Pipe Book Dunhill, A. H., The Gentle Art of Smoking Hermet, The Pipe Liebaert and...
  8. Terry292

    Need some experience & knowledge from you!

    Steve Fallon, aka Pipestud on e-bay, was instrumental in starting a pipe club in his community. Here's a link to an article he did on it in a past The Pipe Collector, the newsletter of the North American Society of Pipe Collectors. There might be some ideas you'd like to consider, or you could...
  9. Terry292

    Need some experience & knowledge from you!

    You might try contacting these people. They used to have a "how to organize a local club" tab, but I couldn't find it.
  10. Terry292

    a picture of my father

    That makes sense. Boatswain's, Gunner's, Torpedoman's, and Signalman's Mates all wore their rate on the right sleeve until sometime in the 1950s. Dad was in the Navy, too, during WWII. He achieved the rate of Ship's Cook, 2nd Class on a Landing Craft, Tank (LCT) in the South Pacific. He...
  11. Terry292

    a picture of my father

    A right arm rate. He must have been a deck ape of some sort (Boatswain's Mate) or a Gunner's Mate.
  12. Terry292

    CORPS Tobacco Tasting Bar

    I smoked all weekend from this sampler bar exclusively. Hadn't a clue what tobaccos they might be, but I didn't have a bad bowl of tobacco in two days. Then, I loaded four pipes for the drive home. Anyone who brings his own tobacco to a pipe show is a fool, in my opinion.
  13. Terry292

    Any BOBs in Greensboro, NC, and environs?

    We'll be attending a wedding in the Greensboro, NC, area this weekend, 16 - 18 Aug 2013. I fully intend to make a trip to the JR Cigar Outlet in Burlington while there. Our hotel is about 30 minutes, according to MapQuest, from there. Can any NC members recommend any other B&Ms in Greensboro, or...
  14. Terry292

    Smoking inside

    I would think your major problem would be with whatever bureaucracy controls day care centers in your locality. With the general hue and cry against so-called third hand smoke these days, I suspect your home would be classified as a place of business since you conduct a presumably profit-making...
  15. Terry292

    Official Chattanooga Pipe Show

    We just booked our room for the show at the Hampton Inn, Airport. We'll be arriving on Friday and departing Sunday. I'm looking forward to it.
  16. Terry292

    Vintages Project

    A work in progress by Jonathan Guss and others:
  17. Terry292

    How Many Angels...

    Another of Jon Guss' thoughtful articles, this time about the Barling pipe family:
  18. Terry292

    HEY!!!! Russ Ouellette WTF happened????

    Russ was at the TAPS show in Raleigh, NC, this weekend, handing out samples and talking tobacco, as usual. Nothing seems to have changed on his end. I can't comment on any other changes that might be in the works. The subject never came up while I was talking with him.
  19. Terry292

    Triangle Area Pipe Smokers Show, 13 April 2013

    I should certainly hope so, since if you take the Honda, I'll probably be hauling all your stuff back.
  20. Terry292

    Official Chattanooga Pipe Show

    The poster looks good. With the two pipe shows I know most about, vendor set-up usually starts around 7:00 AM, doors open to the public around 9:00 AM, and everything wraps up around 5:00 PM. There are usually informal get togethers in someone's hotel room(s) both before and after the show...